Employees of Khazar University visited Timişoara University

From May 26 to June 2, 2019, Khazar University staff members - Dr. Mahammad Sharifov, Head of Computer Science Department, Nuru Safarov, Head of Physics and Electronics Department, Ziaaddin Zamanzadeh, Instructor at Civil Engineering Department, and Parvana Salmanova, content manager of the University's website, made a business visit to Timişoara Polytechnic University in Romania, within the framework of Erasmus+ international mobility program. 

Within the framework of the visit, meetings were held with Diana Balş-Diaconescu, the Coordinator of the International Relations Department of Timişoara Polytechnic University, Professor Daniel Dan, Vice Rector of the University, Associate Professor Flaviu Frigora-Iliasa, Head of Electrical and Power Engineering Faculty, Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila, Head of Automation and Computer Science Faculty, and discussions on mutual cooperation between the universities (cooperation in science and education, double degree programs) took place.

During the trip, the staff delivered lectures and seminars and also participated in trainings. Furthermore, they got acquainted with Universities well-stocked library, and met with Diana Andone, Head of E-Learning Center and conducted discussions regarding Center's activities.

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