Institute of Education Policy

The Institute of Education Policy is engaged in research, writing, and organizing training events with the goal of improving curricula, developing administration methods, and keeping policymakers informed.

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Areas of Study

Curriculum and Instruction:

    • Curriculum Theory
    • Instructional Theory
    • Curriculum Organization
    • Designs for Instruction (elementary, secondary and higher education levels)
    • General Foundation of Education

    Educational Administration:

      • Foundations in Educational Administration
      • Management Studies in Education (Organization, management and development of schools, colleges as professional establishments, leadership and management in educational establishments)
      • Educational Policies and Planning in Azerbaijan (including Education Law)
      • Economics and Finance of Education
      • Organization and Administration of Higher Education
      • Observation and Evaluation of Instruction and Personnel

      Comparative and International Education:

        • Historical Development of Comparative Education
        • Research Methods in Comparative Education
        • Education Systems; primary, secondary, and higher education models

        History and Philosophy of Education:

          • Philosophical Foundations of Education
          • Sociology of Education
          • History of Education
          • History of Higher Education
          • Case Studies: Education in USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan
          • Education in Developing Countries (including case studies in China, India, Turkey, Azerbaijan)

          Educational Psychology:

            • Psychological Foundations of Education
            • Principles of Social Psychology (and Human Development)
            • Learning and Motivation
            • Psychometrics
            • Quantitative Methods (Experimental Design, Statistical inference, Correlation, Regression, Factor analysis, Multivariable methods, Qualitative Data)
            • Research Methodology (Computer Methods, Statistical Models)

            Principles for Subject Introduction and Social Group Education:

              • Foreign language education
              • Science education
              • Health and life Science education
              • Special education
              • Single subject instruction
              • Religions education
              • Education of minorities
              • Multiple Subject Instruction
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