Our services

The Center provides with the guidelines all academic and administrative staff. The coordinator of the Center presents the guidelines on how to support and assist students with different kind of disabilities to all faculties of the University as well. The Center also supports administration staff in providing accommodations facilitating development of inclusive education and process.

Support services, and programs that are available at the Center include:

  • Providing the assistive equipment and software such as braille printer, pearl + openbook document reading camera, braille display, magic large print keyboard, maltron expanded keyboard, haydi switch mouse, magic for windows and JAWS screen reader professional;
  • Coordination and administration of specialized services, including consultation and advice atthe faculty concerning accommodation for individual students resulting from their disability;
  • Counseling and advising;
  • Syllabi prepared by the instructors in advance;
  • Conversion of instructional materials to accessible formats;
  • Support for Examinations including extra time, a private room, use of a computer, adaptive software or word processor, or access to a reader as needed - Alternate scheduling for the completion of course, project, thesis work, or examinations;
  • Informing the faculty that prolonged period of time for completion of a course may be advised due to student’s needs resulting from disability, it should be included in letter to teacher;
  • Enlarging and brailing of materials;
  • Extended time for tests (usually up to time and a half or double time);
  • Priority seating;
  • Getting permission from the instructor to record class lectures;                           
  • Training volunteer students;
  • Arranging trainings, seminars and workshops to the students with and without disabilities in different educational themes.  

Instructional materials transformed to the accessible formats can be given to the students with disabilities for using materials at home. In this case, student must promise faithfully and sign the declaration/agreement that he or she will not distribute it and will protect the copyright.

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