Accounting Office

Main responsibilities of the Accounting Department:

1. Continuous maintenance of accounting control procedures throughout university life cycle.

2. Ensure an effective use of financial resourses and an accurate record of expenses.

3. Ensure that assets and liabilities records are maintained and controlled in compliance with accepted policies and procedures.

4. Writing-off of outdated inventories and fixed assets, intangible assets and revaluation of fixed assets in accordance with relevant legislation.

5. Keeping and analyzing of source documents, financial transaction documents, accounting registers and financial information to prepare financial statements.

6. Recommends on improvement of applied accounting software and automation of accounting procesess.

7. Organization of accounting informaton system in accordance with international and national standards.

8. Ensure the accurate calculation of salaries and wages, wages withholding taxes and other compensations (including travel allowances) and their timely payment.

9. Take the necessary measures for the implementation of banking and treasury operations.

10. Preparation of commented financial statements, including information and reports, which must be submitted in accordance with with financial policies, regulation and legislation.

11. Maintenance of financial, budgetary, personnel and other regulations and disciplines.

12. Ensure the storage of accounting records and financial information on electronic and paper format mediums.

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