Human Resources

HR Department of Khazar University is responsible for all of the functions that deal with the needs and activities of the people including these areas of responsibility. 

  • Recruiting

  • Training

  • Organization Development

  • Communication

  • Performance Management

  • Coaching

  • Policy Recommendation

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Team Building

  • Personnel Office

HR department works together with all academic and other departments of Khazar University which are interested in and engaged with the work of human resources. HR department is in constant search for suitable candidates for positions within the university. It is done using Career Center of Khazar University, specialized outside agencies, and by contacting all the master and PhD students studying abroad and planning to come back to Azerbaijan. 

HR department also takes part in hiring and firing processes.After the person is hired, HR department provides orientation process for new employee. It also prepares and conducts specialized professional trainings, seminars and workshops for existing employees. 

HR department is responsible for acknowledging employees for their hard work and giving out certificates and reward. After the hiring and orientation processes key performance indicators are set for each employee. 

HR department may be responsible for creating new policies when there is a confusion regarding behavior and handling situations. Therefore HR department holds an ongoing review process of the employee performance.

HR director helps to inspire employees, build their spirits and motivate them to work better.

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