Cultural Activities

The Department of Music and Fine Arts and other related groups promote the cultural activities of the University.

They develop the cultural life of the university by organizing various dancing events, concerts, and taking an active part in graduation ceremonies and other formal activities.

They also organize special exhibitions of professional and faculty artists and talented students.

Khazar is a place where the local community and guests like to come to enjoy music, dance and other performances.

 Khazar is one of the richest cultural centers of Baku.

While studying at Khazar, students may participate in music, dancing, theater groups and other social activities in order to supplement

their academic endeavors.

The university provides necessary facilities for two dance ensembles, as well as national folk, vocal, choral and other music classes, and attracts qualified experts to manage these activities.

Theatre and musical groups composed of Khazar students and staff are also active at the University.

Famous professionals and groups in the field of arts and music, as well as artists and groups from other countries frequently visit Khazar

University and hold concerts, exhibitions and other events here.

The vocal choirs and dance ensembles of Khazar have won various competitions in Azerbaijan and overseas.

These ensembles perform many of the national dances and songs of Azerbaijan, the people of the Caucasus and other nations of the world.

Students can also choose carpet-making, jewelry art and other applied arts as elective courses within Azerbaijani Culture classes.

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