Khazar University Student Waltz

Listen: students song waltz.mp3

Translated by Alison Mandaville and M. Lawry

As a mermaid splashing water

On the shores of the blue sea,

My muse sang of a bright “Khazar”

Marking with light my life’s story.


So I walk these honest reaches.

Heart, don’t say the way’s too far.

Step by step I’m growing wiser

In the search for my “Khazar!”


Here love forms the soul of nature.

Here the night is lit with stars.

Here our dreams take flight, ascending

From the lamp’s glow: my “Khazar”


My charmed heart will ache with longing

If ever we must be apart

It hums a tune to soothe this yearning—

This endless quest for my Khazar.

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