Student Union

The Student Union (SU) is the main student organization of Khazar University; it is an elected body governed by the Student Senate, which is composed of the SU President, Vice-President and Committee leaders. The SU has the following Committees:

Education Committee:

  • Assists students to overcome academic problems
  • Organizes meetings between the students, faculty and staff members
  • Organizes interest clubs
  • Assists faculty evaluation procedures (Student Poll) conducted jointly with the Academic Quality Assurance Center
Culture Committee:
  • Promotes Azeri culture among local and international students
  • Provides information about the other national cultures
  • Supports concerts and performances of the University dance and choir ensembles
Sports Committee:
  • Organizes local championships and tournaments
  • Encourages University students to participate in sports
Law Committee:
  • Prepares and oversees official SU documents
  • Protects the rights of University studens
Audio-Video-Photo Committee:
  • Supplies the University dance and choir ensembles with audio recordings
  • Records the University’s important events
  • Maintains photo and video archives
  • Provides photography for the University newspaper, students, and faculty
Student Editorial Committee:
  • Prepares articles for the University magazine “Khazar View” and other chronicles
  • Advertising interesting events and lectures at the University
Radio Committee:
  • Broadcasts radio programs on the University campuses
  • Provides the Khazar community with the University news
Public Relations Committee:
  • Disseminates information about Khazar University and the Student Union
  • Establishes relations with secondary schools and partner Universities
  • Collaborates with international companies and organizations
Grant Research Committee:
  • Oversees grants for new research projects
  • Establishes relations with ministries, NGOs, student organizations, and international foundations
Debate club:
  • Organizes practices and debate tournaments

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