Center for Students with Disabilities

The Center for Students with Disabilities' tasks are organization and coordination of all the issues connected with students with disabilities at the University such as: the application procedures, monitoring the implementation of the policies regarding students with disabilities, contacts and advising academic and administrative staff and arranging for the necessary facilities, support and information.

The main function of the Center is to provide information and assistance which will facilitate students with disabilities to achieve their academic requirements. The Center will provide assistive technology to support educational goals as well as assist in creating examination arrangements according to the individual needs of students resulting from their disability.

The Center will assist and provide services for university students with following disabilities: visually impaired and partially sighted, mobility impaired and speech disabilities. The coordinator of the Center will present the guidelines on how to support and assist different kind of disabilities to all faculties of the University.

The Center will be available for consultation for students from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Other consultation hours may be available on prior arrangement. 

Phone: (+99412) 421 79 16 (234)

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