Khazar Review

The popular and editorial/scientific Khazar Review is the only journal of its kind among journals published by Azerbaijani higher education institutions.

It was originally published in a newspaper style, then was published twice a month as a 40-page magazine for several years.

Since 2010 it has been published monthly in an 80-page magazine format.

In October 2011, the 300th edition of the Khazar View journal was printed.

Subscription to the journal is managed through the “Azermetbuatyayimi” Open Joint-Stock Company and “Gasid” Open Joint-Stock Company, while retail sales are handled by “Metroservis” LLC.

At the same time, the journal is distributed free of charge to many individuals and organizations.

From the first edition until the present, the senior editor of the journal has been Professor Hamlet Isakhanli, who was the president of Khazar University until September 2010 and since that time has been serving as the Chairman of the University’s Board of Directors and Trustees.

Nationally recognized academic and cultural workers are represented in the journal’s editorial board.

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Alirza Balayev

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

E-mail: abalayev[at] 

Phone: (+99412) 421 10 93 (209)

Afruz Farzaliyeva


E-mail: eferzeliyeva[at]

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