Khazar University Press

Khazar University Press, an independent publishing house affiliated with Khazar University,

produces printed publications related to educational and research fields.

The publishing house mainly produces textbooks, monographs, conference transactions, scholarly journals, magazines, and other quality

prose works.

It also publishes works translated from English and other languages into Azerbaijani and vice versa.

Since its founding in 1995, the Khazar University Press has been publishing the magazine (with a wide range of fields) Khazar Review (Azerbaijani: Xəzər Xəbər jurnalı) in three languages (English, Azerbaijani, and Russian).

The publishing house is also known for the academic Journal of Azerbaijani Studies (Azərbaycan Araşdırmaları Jurnalı), which was renamed

Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2011, and the Azerbaijan Archeology Journal (Azərbaycan Arxeologiyası jurnalı).

Khazar University Press also acts as the national ISBN agent for Azerbaijan as well as its national ISMN agent.

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