Carpet Making And Design


This art, among the most widespread cultural arts, has taken a vital place in the heritage of Azerbaijan and has almost become a symbol of the people. Various pattern elements and descriptively decorated carpets (with and without pile) decorate walls of residential buildings, homes, yurts and tents; are laid out; and are used to impart a high aesthetic significance. The latest development period of the Azerbaijani carpet making art took place in the middle of the XX century. In that period, the carpet trade developed in several directions and carried a multi-faceted character. In the regions and villages of the republic, the art of carpet making is continued by individual carpet masters. The classic compositions of the art are manifested in these modern artists’ traditionally-woven carpet works. At the same time, entirely new compositions and pattern elements are being introduced. The class teaches and promotes the history of the art of carpet making.

Among the faculty are winners of international competitions, globally recognized artists, dancers, singers, and pianists. The activities of these professionals, who are involved with Eastern classical music alongside training on European musical instruments, have created a great deal of resonance in their fields internationally.






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