Azerbaijani dances carry an ancient and rich history. 2-3 thousand years before our century, in the Bronze Age, the art of the dance took a definite position in the life, customs and tradition of the people. This is known as a result of investigations. In Azerbaijan, as in many developing countries, long before the development of simple and primitive folk musical instruments, dance was accompanied by the rhythms of the audience’s hand-clapping. Tribes engaged in various professions, even hunting, carried out magical rituals with dances consisting of flexible movements demonstrating agility, quickness, and the power of man. Thus, as in many parts of the world, the different types and genres of the art of dance in Azerbaijan took their essence from a branch of oral folklore, folk dances. The art of dance obtained new content and methods through changes that occurred in the nation's economic, social and cultural life. Azerbaijani folk dances are inseparably connected to our history, reflecting its national character and mode. This goes to show to what extent the art of dance bore importance in the country's history and culture. The goal of organizing the dance courses is to develop students’ love of dance and also to acquaint students with dance methods. Special girls’ and boys’ ensembles are organized to teach dance traditions. 





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