Our vision is to be an educational institution that prepares professional teachers who can intellectually engage with all fields, from science and technology to fine arts; who maintain a good reputation in society; who understand the needs and requirements of the work world; who are capable of adaptation to the global education system; and who understand that high quality and effective education is an important factor in the development and the dynamics of the country's economy. 

The School of Education provides a solid education for teachers who will be able to  implement  the priorities of the mission and vision in every stage of education, beginning from elementary education, and will be able to carry the responsibility of raising future generations. Having grown from its beginnings in 2003, when it started with the Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education program, our School now provides 6 concentrations in bachelor programs and 5 concentrations in master and PhD programs. 

The School is engaged with professional personnel training and scientific research, including  developing additional education and professional development programs which have an important role in the education policy and education strategy. It also organizes regular training programs for active teachers’ continuing education. 

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