22.01.2016: Examinations at Khazar - (Photos)

19.01.2016: Public Opinion Survey Presentation - (Photos)

08.01.2016: Meeting with US Embassy Representatives - (Photos)

30.12.2015: Holiday Celebration at Khazar - (Photos)

26.12.2015 Potentional directors 3 (FOTO)

24.12.2015 2nd National Spaghetti Bridge Competition Held (FOTO)

24.12.2015 Potentional directors 3  (FOTO)

23.12.2015 SOCAR Meeting with Students(FOTO)

22.12.2015 Presentation on Formula 1 European Grand Prix Competition (FOTO)

22.12.2015 Round-table discussion on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea and simulation of the Final Meeting of the Working Group for development of the Convention(FOTO)

19.12.2015 Masterclass on Sociological Investigation for Youth (FOTO)

18.12.2015 First Robotics Competition at Khazar University(FOTO)

18.12.2015 Meeting with University of Pennsylvania’s Lara Fabian(FOTO)

17.12.2015 Meeting with Turkologist Akbar Najaf at Department of History and Archeology (FOTO)

17.12.2015 Erasmus (FOTO)

15.12.2015 European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) holds Monitoring at Khazar University (FOTO)

12.12.2015 Meeting with Film Director Nazim Rza Israfiloghlu(FOTO)

11.12.2015 Tempus PACT (FOTO)

10.12.2015 Finnish Ambassador Visits Khazar University (FOTO)

10.12.2015 Microsoft certificates of qualification and selection of ICT (FOTO)

09.12.2015 The graduation ceremony of the School of Project Management (FOTO)

09.12.2015 H.Isaxanli about the story Bilqames (FOTO)04.12.2015 Accessible education, accessible to future (FOTO)

04.12.2015 Karaoke party (FOTO)

03.12.2015 Robotic workshop (FOTO)

03.12.2015 International Day of Disabled Persons (FOTO)

02.12.2015 "Digital Solitions for Startup and Entrepreneurs" (FOTO)

02.12.2015 Information on BP. "What you will discover" (FOTO)

01.12.2015 Employee of the company StrikePlagiarism in Khazar (FOTO)

01.12.2015 Burcu Gultekin Ankara representative of the political center (FOTO)

30.11.2015 Alibaba Abdullayev 100 (FOTO)

30.11.2015 High school is a step in the enterprise(FOTO)

28.11.2015 Heritage, Department of Education (FOTO)

26.11.2015 Endre Ivarrud Petroleum Engineering seminar for students(FOTO)

27.11.2015 Emotional and lies seminar (FOTO)24.11.2015 Korean (FOTO)

27.11.2015 ESFIDIP (FOTO)

26.11.2015 Methodological seminar on the draft ISSICEU(FOTO)

24.11.2015 Chinese culture pearls (FOTO)

25.11.2015 Head of office of the Estonian Embassy in Baku (FOTO)

23.11.2015 P&G orientation day (FOTO)

23.11.2015 Entrance examination to Doctorate (FOTO)

22.11.2015 Media training (FOTO)

21.11.2015 Training course on preparation and evaluation of textbooks - Foreign languages (FOTO)

21.11.2015 Training course on preparation and evaluation of textbooks -Natural Sciences (FOTO)

21.11.2015 Training course on preparation and evaluation of textbooks - Social Sicences (FOTO)

21.11.2015 Training course on preparation and evaluation of textbooks - Math and İnformatics (FOTO)

14.11.2015 Training course on preparation and evaluation of textbooks (FOTO)

13.11.2015 Training course on preparation and evaluation of textbooks - Opening (FOTO)

20.11.2015 Theory of ray gravitation(FOTO)

16.11.2015 Azarsun (FOTO)16.11.2015 Gabrielle Stravelli (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Nizami saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Huseyn saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Vadjah saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Sevinc saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Sabina saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Nizami saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Nigar saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Ismat saw it (FOTO)

08.11.2015 Botanical garden - as Farid saw it (FOTO)

06.11.2015 Textbooks Training (FOTO)

05.11.2015 Virtual Garabagh (PHOTOS)

05.11.2015 Newton's laws and Gravitation (PHOTOS)

05.11.2015 Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (PHOTOS)

04.11.2015 General meeting of Religions and Cultures department (PHOTOS)

04.11.2015 The problem of Personality in Azerbaijani public and pedagogical opinion (PHOTOS)

02.11.2015 Approved consert program (PHOTOS)

30.10.2015 Engineering faculty - Welcome Party (PHOTOS)

30.10.2015 Student Information System (PHOTOS)

23.10.2015: Meeting with Freshmen of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences - (PHOTOS)

23.10.2015 Risk Management Seminar (PHOTOS)

22.10.2015 Rector Meets with New International Students (PHOTOS)

22.10.2015 Kulakov Sergey in the Khazar University (PHOTOS)

20.10.2015 School of Education’s Annual Welcome Party (PHOTOS)

19.10.2015 Knowledge Bowl Winners Awarded (PHOTOS)

17.10.2015 Meeting with Freshmen (FOTO)

16.10.2015 Khazar University Students and Staff Visit Baku International Sea Trade Port (FOTO)

10.10.2015 Human and Animal Physiology Class Held in Laboratory (FOTO)

10.10.2015 Legal Training Center Event (FOTO)

09.10.2015 Medical Biology Class Held in Laboratory (FOTO)

08.10.15 General Biology Class Held in Laboratory (FOTO)

07.10.15 New Laboratory Classes (FOTO)

03.10.2015 38-39th Graduation Ceremony (FOTO)

30.09.15 Motivational Letter Writing Workshop at Career Center (FOTO)

29.09.15 History faculty's meeting with students of Education School (FOTO)

22.09.15 Masterly Lectures of Oleg Pokhanovski (FOTO)

23.09.2015 Meeting with Grigori Khalyagin  (FOTO)

23.09.2015 Financial Aid Letter Workshop at Career Center (FOTO)

22.09.2015 Scientific council (FOTO)

21.08.2015 2th Graduation Ceremony of Potential School Principals (FOTO)

20.09.2015 1th meeting of Student Union's Parliament (FOTO)

18.09.2015 Thomson Reuters in Khazar University (FOTO)

18.09.2015 Project Administration School (FOTO)

18.09.2015 Presents of İRS magzine to Khazar University (FOTO)

18.09.2015 Galib Khalil in Khazar University (FOTO)

17.09.2015 Discover Azerbaijan Turan Kərimli ilə görüş (FOTO)

15.09.2015 Yeni tədris ilinin açılışı (FOTO)

Film about Khazar University