Khazar University established the Academic Quality Assurance Center in November 1999.  The Tempus Tacis Compact Project 1999-2001 “Quality Assurance Centre Development at Khazar University” was implemented in cooperation with Nottingham Trent University (UK) and Haarlem University (Netherlands).

In 2008 Tempus project “Designing Quality Assurance Systems in Azerbaijani Universities” enhanced the Quality Assurance Center at Khazar University by establishing Centers for Quality Assurance at Baku State University and State University of Languages.

Intensive cooperation with the University of Winchester (UK) Carlos III University (Spain) and the University of Warsaw (Poland) resulted in Azerbaijani training, supervision and expert support in quality assurance.

Other universities continue to share quality techniques and procedures with Khazar's faculty and staff. (University of California/Los Angeles, Princeton University, Harvard University)

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