MCC carries out a wide range of activities which include:


  • follow-up on migration-related projects implemented by relevant government agencies, international organizations and civil society organizations;
  • follow-up on legislative changes and the maintenance of a legislative database accessible for all interest groups;
  • research papers and publications by academic circles in Azerbaijan;
  • statistical data regarding migrants (labor migrants, irregular migrants), refugees, asylum seekers, and IDPs. For this purpose, MCC closely cooperates with the State Statistics Committee, State Committee on Work with Refugees and IDPs, State Migration Service, State Border Service, IOM, UNHCR and other relevant organizations.


  • MCC supports interdisciplinary research in the field of migration. The center will establish strategic links with other research centers on migration in the region, as well as internationally.

Training Activities

  • The MCC carries out awareness raising activities for researchers, faculty, students, NGOs and other practitioners through organizing training courses by local and international experts, including representatives of the IOM Mission in Azerbaijan and relevant state agencies.

Dissemination Activities

  • MCC produces and widely disseminates publications and statistical data to make all information accessible to the wider public (migration officials, journalists, researchers, public institutions, civil society). It organizes seminars, conferences on the state of migration, human trafficking, irregular migration, refugees and asylum seekers, and other relevant issues, as well as new and prospective research fields in Azerbaijan.

Migration Master Programme

  • MCC supports the organization and administration of a Master Program in World Economics and Migration Processes. MCC staff are responsible to maintain and update the E-learning platform and the connected database on migration related research and official data available. All the resources are available for students and faculty. 


  • The MCC actively participates in the Regional Research Network on Migration to be established between the three regional MCCs. It also cooperates internationally with other competence centers around the world.
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