Research interests of the department are:

  • Oil Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry, i.e. chemistry of high-molecular compounds
  • Chemical Technology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Colloidal Chemistry
  • Other

Research work done by the Department is mainly focused on synthesis, study and application of novel efficient surfactants, especially for implementation in the oil industry. These chemicals are obtained on the basis of higher aliphatic alcohols, higher aliphatic carboxylic acids and their natural fractions, epoxy compounds and ethanolamines. Polymeric surfactants are also synthesized, which are based on unsaturated carboxylic acids, epoxides and (in)organic bases. Spheres of the intended application of these synthesized surfactants are petroleum enhanced recovery, isolation of drilled zones, stabilizers of drilling muds, liquidation of oil slicks and so on. 

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