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Dr. Elmar MUSTAFAYEV  is a head of the Political Science and Philosophy Department at Khazar University. He teaches courses on “Political System and Foreign Policy of the EU”, “NATO & Security Studies”, “International Organizations”, and “Modern Integration Processes”. Furthermore, he is a member of the Standing Group on Russia and the Post-Soviet Space of the Italian Society of Political Science. Prior to his academic career, Elmar Mustafayev collaborated with the Center for Geopolitical Studies in Rome and published several op-ed articles and contributed to a book publication.  

Elmar Mustafayev received his M.A. in International Cooperation at La Sapienza University of Rome with the State Scholarship on Education of Azerbaijani Youth Abroad in the Years 2007-2015. During his MA studies, he did internships at the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Italy and the European Parliament in Brussels. Upon successful completion of his M.A., he enrolled to Ph.D. program in Political Science at La Sapienza University of Rome. In 2019, Elmar Mustafayev defended his Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Europeanization beyond the European Union: the case of Azerbaijan”. His research interest includes European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership, the process of Europeanization, conflict resolution, and geopolitics of the South Caucasus.


Phone: (+994 12) 421 7916 (238)

Dr. Vasif HUSEYNOV is a full-time lecturer of the Political Science and Philosophy department. He teaches courses on Political Systems of Azerbaijan and Foreign Countries, Comparative Politics, Democracy and Transnational Terrorism at Khazar University. He has obtained his BA degree in International Relations financed by the Presidential Scholarship at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2011. Dr. Huseynov obtained his MA degree at the University of Kassel (2013) and PhD degree in Political Science at University of Goettingen, both in Germany and sponsored by the full scholarships of German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD). His articles have appeared in, among other outlets, Caucasus International, CES Working Papers, Eastern Journal of European Studies, the Diplomat and the Jamestown Foundation. His book titled “Geopolitical Rivalries in the ‘Common Neighborhood’: Russia's Conflict with the West, Soft Power, and Neoclassical Realism” is to be published in Germany.

Contact:  vasif.huseynov[at]khazar.org

Dr. Rashad HUSEYNOV is a lecturer on Global Security and Governance and Diplomacy and Statecraft at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Dr. Huseynov received a PhD degree in Political Science from the Human Rights Institute of the National Academy of Science in 2007. He obtained bachelor and master's degrees in political science at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan. Dr. Huseynov is currently working on his post-doctorate thesis on radicalization of Islam in the Caucasus region. Dr. Huseynov also was involved the implementation of several TEMPUS projects as a curriculum development expert.

Contact: rhuseynov[at]khazar.org

Baba BAYRAMLI is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Political Science and Philosophy of Khazar University and his research focuses on the role of integration into European institutions and the regional cooperation policy in ensuring security in the South Caucasus. He also teaches courses on the History of Diplomacy and Modern Diplomacy.


Dr. Rashad AGHAZADE lectures on Democracy at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has been teaching at Khazar University since July 2016 and had taught courses on Foreign policy of Azerbaijan, Transnational Terrorism, Public International Law and Theory of International Relations. Dr. Aghazada received his MA degree in Diplomacy from the Baku Slavic University and defended his Ph.D. in International Relations at the Dissertation Council of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015. His Ph.D. dissertation focused on the role public relations and public diplomacy activities in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. He published several articles related to public diplomacy, diplomatic public relations, intercultural dialogue and foreign policy analysis in the local and international journals. Currently, he also works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 


Bakhtiyar BADALOV is a lecturer on Foreign Policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, EU law, EU politics: Comparative Analyses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Mr. Badalov received his bachelor degree in International Relations from University of Qafqaz of Azerbaijan. And he has been awarded the degree of Master of Political Science from the Lund University of Sweden in 2012. His Master dissertation focused on the “European Union and Russian Federation Energy Relations: Petrification or Revival?”. Currently, his is working as a Director of International Relations Department of the Azerbaijan University. During the period 2012-2017, he provided a lecture in the fields of EU Law, Contemporary International Problems and Research Methods.

Contact: Bakhtiyar.Badalov[at]khazar.org

Elsevar MAMMADOV is a lecturer on Political Psychology and Research Methods in Political Science. His main research lies on the opportunities for civil society and regional challenges against the background of eastern partnership, EU External Governance, and the regional integration policies in South Caucasus. He holds an MA degree in Peace and Security Policy Studies in Hamburg, Germany. Elsevar was a coordinator for the research project on comparative analysis of EU’s strategic instruments implemented in the South Caucasus and Central Asia, conducted by the Institute of International Politics of Darmstadt University (Germany). 


Zibar HUSEYNOVA lectures on International Political Economy at the Department of  Political Sciences and Philosophy of Khazar University. She holds MA degree in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe (Bruges) and Bachelor degree in International Relations from the Baku State University. Her research interests include the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy, the European Neighborhood Policy and the European Union's Energy Policy.

Contact: zibar.huseynova[at]khazar.org

Jeyran MAMMADLI is a lecturer on International Political Economy, Economy of European Countries at undergraduate level. She holds her BA degree in International Economic Relations from Azerbaijan State University of Economics and MA degree in International Project Management from Strasbourg University as well as in European Economic Integration and Business from College of Europe. Her primary areas of interest include Azerbaijan’s WTO accession, European Neighborhood Policy as well as Human Capital and Education. Currently, she is a leading advisor in Project Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Education.

Contact: Jeyran.Mammadli[at]khazar.org

Anar RAHIMOV is a PhD candidate and lectures courses on International Organizations and History of Parliamentarism. He authored on the prospects of economic cooperation in the Wider Black Sea region and current cooperation trends in the Turkic world. Areas of his interest include multilateralism and parliamentary diplomacy, as well as a role of international organizations in contemporary international order and OSCE platform in security dialogue. Anar Rahimov was a participant of the Individual Fellowship Programme of the European Parliament and conducted a research on the EU parliamentary dimension, functions, structure and role of the European Parliament. He is also alumni of the Graduate Institute of International Studies of Geneva (Switzerland). In 2005-2011 Anar Rahimov worked in the International Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC), after which he continued his activity in the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries (TURKPA) where he currently is the head of legal affairs and public relations section.


Ziya MURSALZADE lectures on Introduction to Economics, International Political Economy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He holds an MSc degree in Finance from the University of Leicester and a BA degree in International Economic Relations from Baku State University. He passed the CFA Level 1 exam in June 2018 within the top 10% band. He is now CFA Level 2 Candidate. He has been selected “the best full-time master student of the year” during his studies at the University of Leicester. He was granted to the scholarship of SOCAR for his MSc studies. Now, he is working as head of Economic indicators and financial modeling Division at SOCAR. His main research interests include the oil sector, portfolio management, risk management, derivatives, and stock trading. Along with Khazar University, he lectures International Investments, Corporate Finance, and Financial Risk Management at undergraduate and graduate levels in UNEC.


Gunay BAYRAMOVA is a doctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. She has been teaching at Khazar University since January 2015. Mrs. Bayramova received her MA degree in International Studies from the University of Sheffield in September 2010 and commenced her PhD studies in January 2012. She obtained her BA degree in International Relations from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2009. Mrs. Bayramova’s doctoral research is on the role of energy in foreign policy. She focuses on Azerbaijan which is examined as an energy-rich but security-poor country in her thesis. Mrs. Bayramova taught courses on International Political Economy, Political Systems and Institutions, and the History of International Relations. This semester she will be teaching a course on Nations and Nationalism at the undergraduate level and the History of International Relations at the postgraduate level.


Aygul ISMAYILOVA received her BA in International Relations from Baku State University. Mrs. Ismayilova has been awarded her MA degree from ADA University. Currently, she is PhD candidate at Khazar University and her research focuses on the just war theory and application of this theory on a case study, particularly Nagorno-Karabakh war from different perspectives and analyzes that how this war fits into this tradition. She is teaching courses on History of Europe, Conflict Studies and Just War in Political Theory and Practice at the undergraduate and graduate level. Currently, she is working at Scientific and Cultural Center of the Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve. 

Contact: aygul.ismayilova[at]khazar.org

Gunay MUKHTAROVA is a lecturer on Comparative Politics at undergraduate level and Globalization process in Contemporary IR at postgradute level. She received her MA in International Relations and Diplomacy with the State Scholarship on Education of Azerbaijani Youth Abroad in the Years 2007-2015. In Geneva, she was also an alumni of Sustainable Development Goals program organized by the UN. She was nominated as a Schuman scholar at the European Parliament in Brussels. In 2015, she worked at the UN Geneva headquarter as a program manager. Currently, she works as a chief advisor at the Azerbaijan Republic State Examination Center. Her research focuses on international trade relations and innovation-based economy.

Contact: gunay.mukhtarova[at]khazar.org

Dr. Rafig RUSTAMOV is an adjunct lecturer at Khazar University. Graduated from Department of History of Ankara University in 2001, Dr. Rustamov received his MA (2001) and PhD (2009) degrees on International Relations from the Graduate School of Social Sciences of Ankara University in 2009. He has been working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2008.  Dr. Rustamov teaches Foundations of Azerbaijan’s National Security at Khazar University. Besides his practical experiences, Dr. Rustamov’s academic research interest includes Theories of International Relations, National Security, Diplomacy and Foreign Policy of Azerbaijan.      

Contact: Rafig.Rustamov[at]khazar.org

Guljan KULAKHMET is a Public Relations Assistant at the Board of Directors and Trustees, Khazar University. She lectures on Introduction to Political Science at the undergraduate level. She has obtained her MA degree in Public Policy from the University of Bristol (UK) and BA degree in Regional Studies from the Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan). Her research focuses on International Relations, Political Science and Education Policy.

Contact: gkulakhmet[at]khazar.org

Tural HUSEYNLI received his BA in Politics and International Relations at Kingston University London between the years of 2014-2017. After successfully completing the bachelor degree, he continued his studies at University College London between the years of 2017-2018 in the field of Legal and Political Theory. His main research interests are the democracy (intrastate and global, especially, on a theoretical basis), political authority, legitimacy, nationalism, religion, identity politics, and the EU. “Do the minorities who face the controversial or the unjust decision have the right to disobey the democratic government?” was his dissertation question while doing MA at UCL. He lectures on Introduction to Political Science at the undergraduate level.  

Contact: Tural.Huseynli[at]khazar.org

Ayaz RZAYEV is a lecturer on International Relations Theory at Khazar University. He has obtained his BA degree in International Relations from Baku State University in 2011 and MA  degree in Political Science, specializing in Eastern European politics, from the University of Bologna in 2015. His teaching interests include theories of comparative politics and international relations, regional politics of Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus.

Contact: ayaz.rzayev[at]khazar.org 

Aygun ALIYEVA is an assistant at the Department of Political Sciences and Philosophy of Khazar University from March 2018. She holds BA degree in International Relations from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. During her BA studies, she worked as a chairman of Diplomacy and Research Club of APA. Currently, she is doing MA degree in European Studies at Khazar University.


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