The Department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Petroleum Engineering as a BS, MS and PhD.

Undergraduate-program objectives are to enable graduates to:

  • Apply basic mathematics, science, and engineering knowledge to identify, formulate, and solve petroleum-engineering problems;
  • Design and conduct experiments;
  • Analyze and interpret data;
  • Design relevant systems, components, or processes using modern techniques, skills, and engineering tools.

Graduate-program objectives are to:

  • Offer specialization in various fields related to petroleum engineering;
  • Help students develop analysis and synthesis skills for initiating and conducting research and development;
  • Supply in-depth theoretical and applied training necessary in the professional world;
  • Prepare students for advanced study and research. Programs are tailored to the uniqueness of students. In recognizing their particular academic needs and research interests, the Department designs individual programs of study.

Specific course modules are:

  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Petroleum Geoscience
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production Technology
  • Drilling Engineering

Courses include lectures, seminars, and pertinent hands-on projects encompassing a wide range of petroleum engineering and geo-science.

Lectures and tutorials aid project work with the exchange of ideas and methods, applicable to real field evaluation and development-design problems. Courses equip students with technical expertise and knowledge crucial in a dynamic industry. 

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