The goal of the Department is to produce and disseminate theory, principles, practice and know-how of computing in the information age for the critical analysis, design, evaluation and improvement of computing systems and related areas of engineering.

The Department has two divisions:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering

Each division is responsible for the development of programs within its area.

Computer Science courses and research focus on software ranging from theoretical models to practical applications.

Computer Engineering deals with digital design, computer hardware and architecture, software and programming, and the interrelationships between hardware and software.

All of the department programs are designed to meet the requirements of students and professionals by building a strong platform for their future career development.

These programs are aimed at alleviating the demand for computer engineers in industry, business and higher education. They focus on all areas of Computer Science such as programming languages, computer architecture, algorithms, operating systems, computer networks, artificial intelligence and other core and supporting areas. Students combine these computer science studies with corresponding aspects of electrical engineering such as circuits theory, signals and systems, electronics, integrated circuits and device utilization.

The department also offers a number of courses for students of other schools as part of its service to the university. These courses are designed to provide a sound understanding for undergraduate students to effectively utilize computers in various areas of application as well as to carry out appropriate scientific research work in their corresponding spheres of interest.

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