Faculty and Staff


Hamlet Isakhanli

Professor, DS in Mathematics (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow), Founder of Khazar University, Azerbaijan


Hassan Niknafs

Professor, PhD in Mechanical Engineering (The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, USA), Dean of the School of Science and Engineering


Full-time Professors

Nuru Safarov

PhD in Physics (Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), Head of  Physics and Electronics Department


Gasham Zeynalov

PhD in Geology (Institute of Geology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), Head of Petroleum Engineering Department


Rasim Bayramli

PhD in Technical Sciences (Moscow Scientific Research Asbestos/Cement Institute, Russia), Coordinator of Civil Engineering Department


Mahammad Sharifov

PhD in Computer Engineering (Institute of Information Technology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), Coordinator of Computer Sciences Department

Ali Huseynli

PhD in Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), Head of Mathematics Department

Mirsadegh Seyedzavvar

PhD in Manufacturing and Production (University of Tabriz, Iran)

Rasoul Moradi

PhD in Chemical Engineering (University of Tehran, Iran), Coordinator of  Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department

Rovshan Abbasov

PhD in Geographical Sciences (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Fakhranda Alimardanova

PhD in Physics (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

Nazim Karimov

Doctor of Science (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)
PhD in Mathematics (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)

Ahmad Babanli

PhD in Computer science (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)

Vafa Aslanova 

MS in Azerbaijan Language (Azerbaijan University of Languages), Vice Dean for Student Affairs 

Masoud Mehrizadeh

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Rashad Khaligov

MS in Computer Science (Université de Franche Comté, France), Head of Information Systems Office

Mehdi Kiyasatfar

PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Urmia University, Iran)

Ziaaddin Zamanzadeh 

PhD in Structural Engineering (University of Minho, Portugal) 

Ali Pourmohammad

PhD in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Applied Signal Processing)
(Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran)

Behnam Kiani Kalejahi

PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering (Tabriz Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) University, Iran)
MS in Computer Engineering (Tabriz Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) University, Iran)

Ehsan Jafari Dastgerdi

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Mehdi Bashiri

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan) 

Javid Ojaghi

PhD in Biological Sciences (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)
MS in Plant Breeding (Islamic Azad University, Iran) 


Shahmardan Amirov

PhD in Physical and Mathematical Science (Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy Of Sciences)

Konul Huseinova

MS in Language Studies (Nakhchivan University, Azerbaijan)

Narmina Fataliyeva

PhD in Language Studies (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Nazila Pour Khalili

PhD candidate in Biochemistry (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Farida Tatardar

PhD in Physics (Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy Of Sciences)

Araz Asadov

PhD in Technical Sciences, (Krilov Oil Research Institute, Russia)

Aziza Khanaliyeva

MS in English Language and Literature (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Sevda Garibova

PhD in Physics (Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy Of Sciences)

Zumrud Abdulova

MS in Civil Engineering (University of Architecture and Construction, Azerbaijan)

Tahir Mammadov

MS in Petroleum Engineering (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Geologie, France)

Konul Kamilzade

MS in Translation of Korean Language (Azerbaijan University of Languages)

Samir Valiyev

MS in Geological Engineering (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

Farman Mammadov

PhD in Electrical Engineering (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

Rahman Rasulzada

MS in Control System Engineering (Texas A&M University, College Station, USA)

Zaur Karimov

PhD in Biology (Azerbaijan State Medical University)

Leyla Mammadli

MS in Jurisprudence (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Sevinc Allahverdiyeva  

MS in German Language (Azerbaijan University of Languages)

Parvana Salmanova

MS in Computer Science (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Reyhan Madatova 

PhD in Philology (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics)

Izat Shahsenov

MS in Petroleum Engineering (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia)

Bayram Guliyev 

PhD in History (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Adilya Abdullayeva 

MS in Language Studies (Azerbaijan University of Languages)

Nigar Mammadova 

MS in History and Theory of Pedagogy in Education (Baku Slavic University, Azerbaijan)

Shirin Mammadova

MS in Chemistry (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Mahire Guluzade 

MS in Linguistics (Azerbaijan University of Languages) 

Narmin Mammadova 

MS in Education and Educational Research (University of Edinburgh, UK) 

Nahide Guliyeva 

MS in Language Studies (Azerbaijan University of Languages) 

Monday Obekpa

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Elvin Azizbeyov

PhD in Mathematics (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Vusal Mammadrzayev

MS in Economics and Finance (Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen, Germany)

Adil Abbasov

MS in Chemical Engineering (French Institute of Petroleum, France)

Sabuhi Ganiyev

MS in Electronical Engineering (International Islamic University, Malaysia)

Javanshir Azizov

PhD candidate in Mathematics (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Sabira Zeynalova

MS in Civil Engineering (Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University)

Tural Maharramov

MS in Ecological Engineering (National Aviation Academy, Azerbaijan)

Gunay Gasimova

MS in Italian Language (Universita’ per Stranieri di Perugia, Italy)

Lala Jafarova

PhD candidate in Mathematics (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Vafa Ahmadzada

MS in Petroleum Engineering (Imperial College London, UK)

Konul Nuriyeva

PhD candidate in Economics (Azerbaijan University)

Mazahim Guliyev

PhD in Technical sciences (Azerbaijan Technical University)

Elshan Aliyev

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Shahriyar Alkhasli

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Rasim Abdullayev

PhD candidate in Information and Communication Systems (Azerbaijan National Academy Of Sciences)

Asim Namazov

MS in Distribution of Networks, Information and Communication Systems (Azerbaijan Technical University)

Farid Aliyev

MS in Piping Engineering and Design (University of San Jorge, Spain) 

Zahid Nabiyev

MS in Design of Rotating Machines (Cranfield University, UK)

Nijat Ibrahimov

MS in Systems and Control Engineering (The University of Sheffield, UK)

Ulviyya Ahmadova

MS in Business Administration, Production & Operations Management (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy & Georgia State University)

Parvana Bakhshaliyeva

Doctor of Medicine (Azerbaijan Medical University)

Zeynab Muradkhanli

PhD candidate in System Analysis, Control and Information Processing (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)
MS in Control Systems (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

Asaf Omarov

PhD in Agricultural Sciences (Azerbaijan Veterinary Scientific Research Institute)

Zaur Karimov

PhD in Biological Sciences (Institute of Microbiology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)
Doctor of Medicine (Azerbaijan Medical University) 

Huseyn Jafarov 

MS in Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Gulafat Shafiyeva

MS in Biological Sciences (Lankaran State University, Azerbaijan)

Leyla Muradkhanli

PhD in Management Information Systems (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

Said Akundov

MS in Mining Engineering (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

Maryam Garayeva

MS in Management Information Systems (Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan)

Lyudmila Sotova

PhD candidate in System Analysis, Management and Information Processing (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Sadiq Ali Behzad

MS in Computer Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Rufat Hasanov

MS in Computer Science (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Sevinj Farajbayli

MS in Computer Engineering (Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan)

Tural Samadli

MS in Information Technologies and Systems Engineering (Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction)

Abbas Abbasov

MS in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

Zaur Jafarli

MS in Oil and Gas Engineering (University Of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)

Sevinj Osmanova

PhD in Inorganic Chemistry (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

Faraj Khalikov

MS in Aerospace Engineering (Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Rovshan Karimov

PhD in Geographical Sciences (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography)

Elvin Aliyev

PhD in Engineering (The Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan Republic, National Aerospace Agency)
MS in Thematic Cartography (Baku State University, Azerbaijan) 

Eldar Shukurov

PhD in Biological Sciences (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

Tahira Gahramanova

PhD in Agricultural Sciences (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Javidan Aliyev

MA in Meteorological Frecasts (Russian State Hydrometeorological University)

Tural Maharramov

MS in Ecological Engineering (National Aviation Academy, Azerbaijan)
MS in Environmental Engineering (University of Nottingham, UK)

Rashad Allahverdiyev

MS in Biological Sciences (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Gunay Hasanova

MS in Hydrometeorology, Climatology (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Ismayil Ismayilov

PhD in Systems Analysis, Control and Information Processing (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

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