Virtual Practice Firm

Azerbaijan Republic Social Protection Development Project

The project is on the Design and Implementation of Virtual Enterprise (a Practice Firm) Project supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan Republic and funded by World Bank. According to the general idea of the project, a Central Office and Practice Firms have been established in Azerbaijani universities, namely at Khazar University and Azerbaijan State Economic University. The Central Office located at Khazar University is administered by Economics and Management Department and responsible for overall management and operation of the Azerbaijan practice firm network. Practice Firms will assist young graduates and/or senior students to improve interactive learning, obtain and develop business skills. The whole concept of the Practice firm is to introduce the students to daily business life and the reality of the labor market.

The European partner of the project is EUROPEN-PEN INTERNATIONAL, a network of practice firms worldwide with over 7.500 practice firms in 42 countries. The staff of Pen International has extensive experience in setting up Practice Firms in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania and Argentina. It also supported its Austrian member ACTIF in the setting up of practice firms.  


Dr. Jeyhun Mammadov

Central Office General Manager

Film about Khazar University