Research Expertise at the DEM

The Department of Economics and Management has established a team of internationally prominent academic experts, working across major areas in Applied and Theoretical Economics, Finance and Management, and provides an outstanding research environment for young researchers.

Cutting across these research areas, we have long been known for conducting research on a variety of topics related to energy economics and policy, with an emphasis on issues pertaining to resource rich countries, and it continues to be a leading research intensive institution in Azerbaijan. 

In view of the global radical, turbulent and far-reaching changes, we have designed a practical and integrated experiential conglomerate research approach in managerial studies. This encompasses the challenges of financial risk, strategic approach and the human capital force required to sustain the dynamics of transformation.

Our diverse research interests in finance include corporate finance & governance, international finance, economics of intellectual property. In the recent future we plan to work on research of knowledge management evaluation in the supply chain domain, entrepreneurial decision-making. We use advanced data analysis techniques, computational techniques, econometric methods and empirical aspects to examine the wide variety of important issues.

Our research is a part of an ongoing partnership between global business and academic institutions with pragmatic preposition. This derives a profound learning and knowledge repository for the students.

Faculty members’ wide-ranging expertise spans areas including:

-       Resource -rich countries development models

-       Azerbaijani petroleum governance model

-       Macroeconomic policy framework for petroleum rich countries

-       Azerbaijani macroeconomic model and specifics

-       Economic diversification model in Azerbaijan

-       Political and economic governance and capacity building in the natural resource management

-       Fiscal transparency and accountability

-       Budgeting in petroleum rich countries

-       Sustainable economic development through transparency in resource rich countries

-       The economics of renewable energy and energy efficiency

-       Corporate finance and governance

-       International finance

-       Economics of intellectual property

-       Branding and national identity

-       E-commerce and marketing

The department’s research consistently earns national and international awards and through various research projects opens opportunities for early career national and international researchers to interact, and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research collaborations.

 For more information, please see faculty members' profiles.


Dr. Jeyhun Mammadov

Department Chair

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