Course Registration

Students should register in person for the courses they are going to take during the coming semester.

Before the first day of registration, the course schedule (the courses, class hours, and classrooms for each semester) must be published.

Registration is administered by the Registration and Records Office in cooperation with the Offices of the Deans of School on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar.

The procedure of registration is considered complete after students have paid the required tuition payment.

All changes in registration must be reported to the Registration and Records Office.

A course is considered dropped when a drop card is completed and returned to the Registration and Records Office.

A student may not add a course or withdraw from the course after the first week of classes.

Any exceptions can be permitted only with the approval of the Dean of the relevant School.

Failure to drop a course within the time allowed is regarded as failure in the course and recorded with a grade of F.

A student can be dropped from a course for non-attendance. Permission of the Dean of relevant School is required for specific regulations.

The maximum credits to be covered by full charges for undergraduate programs are 19 credits per semester and 10 credits during the summer session.

Permission to register for more than the required number of credits will be granted only on approval by the Dean.

Students must register for classes before the semester starts.

However, with the permission of the Dean of the relevant School, students can register during the first week of classes.

Students not registered by the end of this period are subject to a fee (penalty) for late registration.

Inconvenience, illness and other personal reasons for registering late are not accepted as reasons for waiving the penalty.

The amount of penalty for registering during the second week of classes is equivalent of 50 AZN.

Registration ends after the second week of classes. No student will be allowed to register after those dates.

Graduate and undergraduate students must be registered for 12 or more credits to be classified as a full-time student.

A student who registers for less than 12 credits must receive official approval from the Dean.

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