Tuition and Other Expenses

The contract signed between Khazar University and the student defines that students are required to pay for their tuition. Khazar reserves the right to change the tuition fees from year to year. Information on rates is available from the Admission Office.

The annual tuition fee varies from school to school and from the number of registered credits. The tuition fee should be paid by a one-time payment at the beginning of the academic year.

 In the case of the contract between the University and a student being interrupted, the paid tuition would be returned as follows: 

  • 80% of initial sum during the first two weeks after the first day of classes 
  • 60% of initial sum during the third week after the deadline 
  • 40% of initial sum during the fourth week after the deadline 
  • 20% of initial sum during the fifth week after the deadline 

After five weeks none of the paid tuition can be returned.

If a student has been admitted to a program but has not started his/her studies, the contract between him/her and the University is interrupted.

In case of interruption, 80% of the paid tuition fee is returned to the student.

Some other expenses students are required to pay can be charged in the following cases: 

  • Non-refundable Admission Fee (for new resident students) - equivalent of 50 AZN for local students, equivalent of 150 AZN for international students; 
  • Non-refundable Re-admission Fee (for students after at least a one-semester interruption of study) - equivalent of 50 AZN; 
  • Non-refundable Transfer Admission Fee – 50 AZN; 
  • Transcript or Grade List Fee (per copy) - equivalent of 5 AZN. 

Khazar University Schools may also charge special fees for certain courses, services or use of specialized equipment.

For the information on living expenses contact the International Students and Scholars Center.

No student may withdraw in good standing from the University or graduate from the University unless all current obligations to the University are paid in full.

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