University Requirements (UR)

Khazar has two University-wide requirements, which must be satisfied for the awarding of a bachelor’s degree. Students will complete the following UR courses of 27 credits: 

Advanced English includes 15 semester credits of:

  • Reading/Listening 1 – 3 credits
  • Writing/Speaking 1 – 3 credits
  • Reading/Listening 2 – 3 credits
  • Writing/Speaking 2 – 3 credits
  • English for Special Purposes – 3 credits

The English courses must be completed during the first two years and it is recommended that they are concluded within three semesters of study at Khazar. Students who perform exceptionally well on an appropriate placement test may be permitted to take more advanced courses in English.

Azerbaijani Studies includes 12 semester credits of:

  • Azerbaijani (Azeri) Language and Composition (3 credits
  • Azerbaijani Literature – 3 credits
  • Azerbaijani Culture – 3 credits
  • History of Azerbaijan – 3 credits

The Azerbaijani Studies component includes a one-year sequential course (6 credits: 3+3) in Azerbaijani Language and Azerbaijani Literature (AZLL). Students must demonstrate competence in writing, reading and speaking. AZLL should be completed preferably during the first year of study at Khazar. If a student's native language is not Azerbaijani, prior to beginning he/she is required to take the Elementary Azerbaijani Language and Composition course, especially designed for international students.

Students are placed in the appropriate English and AZLL courses based on the results of their admission or placement tests.

Azerbaijani Culture is an elective course and students may choose available theoretical courses on Azerbaijani Culture. Students may also practice through attending cultural activities conducted by the Department of Music and Fine Arts (e.g. dance ensemble, chorus, folk music, vocal, national costume design, carpet making, jewelry art, etc.) and earn credits.

Azerbaijani History focuses on the main periods of the history of Azerbaijan from Ancient to modern times. 

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