Grading Policies at Khazar University

For undergraduate programs, courses are graded as follows (in percentages on examinations and with equivalent letter grades):

  • “90-100” percent which is equal to “A” (excellent)
  • “80-89” percent which is equal to “B” (good)
  • “70-79” percent which is equal to “C” (average or satisfactory)
  • “60-69” percent which is equal to “D” (low pass or below average) 
  • “0-59” percent which is equal to “F” (failure, i.e. no credit will be recorded for the course)
  • “IC” (Incomplete). This grade applies only to those students who were unable to complete their coursework due to sickness or another emergency situation, or who have accumulated 57-59 percent. In this case, with the permission of the dean of the relevant school, students are given additional time to complete their coursework and re-sit the exam, but must make a partial payment for that course. In the case of a second failure in the exam, their grade is changed to “F.”
  • “IP” (In Progress). A course that extends to two or more semesters is graded with “IP” until the specified period for its completion has expired. The grade is changed to “F” if the requirements for the course are not fulfilled during the specified period or “IC” if the requirements for this grade are met.

Every undergraduate student is expected to maintain an average percentage of 70 or more to remain in good academic standing. Graduate students are correspondingly expected to maintain a percentage of 75 or more for master’s and professional degree programs, and 80 or more for PhD degree programs, to remain in a good academic standing.

For master's and professional degree programs, the letter grade D+, specifically, “65-69”, is for low pass and “0-64” percent is equal to F in this case. PhD degree programs do not permit low pass grades, which means that 0-69 is equal to F, and no credit will be recorded for the course.

The assignment of a grade for a student's work in a course is primarily the prerogative of the instructor. Students who require final credits to complete degree requirements at the end of the spring semester may be able to satisfy the deficiency during the subsequent summer session.

A student's grade-point average (G.P.A.) is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points (grade point x credit hours for each course, adding all course totals together) by the total number of credit hours of enrollment. 


A student receives the following grades:

        Mathematics (4 credit hours) -- 82

        English (3 credit hours) -- 95


G.P.A. = (4 · 82 + 3 · 95) : 7 = 87.57 ≈ 88

G.P.A. = 88

The G.P.A. is rounded to the nearest whole number. Undergraduate students must retake a course, or its equivalent, in which a grade of “F” (less than 60) was received. If the student’s grade is “IC”, s/he must either re-sit the exam (upon his/her own wish) or re-take the course.  Correspondingly, students in master’s and professional degree programs must retake a course in which grade of less than 65 was received. Similarly, for PhD students a course with a grade of less than 70 must be retaken. A course graded with “F” or “IC” or “IP” will not be considered when calculating the student’s G.P.A.; however, in the case of “F” and “IC”, a student must retake and pass this course. In the case of “IP”, a student must pass the course before the specified period of time. To improve his/her grade-point average, an undergraduate student may repeat only those courses in which he/she receives grade of “D” (a grade 60-69). A student may not retake a course in which a grade of “C”, “B” or “A” was received (a grade greater than or equal to 70). Only courses taken at Khazar University are considered for a change in the course grade. It is the student's responsibility to bring any error in grades to the attention of the instructor and any error in G.P.A. to the attention of the Dean of the School or the Registration and Records Office.

For more information about examination and evaluation rules, please see Khazar University “Examination and Evaluation Guidelines”.

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