General Education Requirements (GER)

The purpose of the GER is to give students an understanding of the multiple realities of a culturally diverse and increasingly complex world from the viewpoint of different areas of human knowledge. The GER consists primarily of areas of knowledge that differ from the student's major field. The GER helps students to become educated members of society and to develop intellectual breadth and cultural well-being.

Regardless of their major, students must finish the GER in their freshman and sophomore years. Students must complete three components of the General Education Program for 21 credits:

  • Humanities – 6 credits
  • Social Sciences – 6 credits
  • Science and Technology – 9 credits

The Humanities division of the program includes particular courses in Literature, Language and Linguistics, Philosophy, History, Culture and Civilization, Fine Arts and Art History. Students must take at least two courses with a minimum of 6 credits.

The Social Sciences group contains courses in Geography, Political Science, International Relations, Law and Government, Anthropology, Economics, Sociology and Psychology. Students must take at least two courses with a minimum of 6 credits.

The Science and Technology component of the General Education Program unites three divisions:

  • Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  • Life Sciences
  • Computer Sciences

and contains, for example, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geography and Environmental Studies, Geology, Biological Sciences and Anthropology, Public Health, Medical Science.

Students must complete at least three courses, at least one from each subgroup, for a minimum of 9 credits.

Some of the fields of study may be included in different divisions according to the content of courses or applied methods. For example, courses in Anthropology, Geography and Psychology are included in the Social Sciences division, but at the same time, may also relate to the Natural Sciences.

A student majoring in one of the GER divisions (Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology), may take one major course in a corresponding division to meet GER. Courses required to satisfy the Major Requirements ordinarily may not be used to complete the required 21 credits for GER, although some of the university schools may have a few exceptions. The individual schools and departments of Khazar University outline the numbered academic disciplines from which students may select courses to fulfill their General Education program.

Some degree programs require additional work in the three areas mentioned above, or require the student to take specific courses to fulfill the GER.

Apart from these, students can take two Open Elective courses - additional courses chosen freely from any division of the curricula - without any restriction. The credit value of these two open electives must be at least 6 credits.

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