Rustam Rustamov

Projects Manager

Associate Professor, PhD in Physical and mathematical sciences (Russian Physical-Technical Institute (S. Petersburg, Russian Federation)

E-mail: rustam.b.rustamov[at]

Elshan Mirzazada

Team Administrator

MS in Chemical Engineering (Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University)

E-mail: Eilink[at]

Shahriyar Alkhasli

eiLink R&D Researcher

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Petroleum Engineering (University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)

E-mail: shahriyar.alkhasli[at]

Izat Shahsenov

eiLink R&D Researcher

PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Applied Physics and Mathematics (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia)

E-mail: izat.shahsenov[at]

Vafa Ahmadli

eiLink R&D Researcher

MS in Petroleum Engineering (Imperial College London, UK)

E-mail: vafa.ahmadzada[at]

Tural Ismayilov

eiLink R&D Researcher

BS in Petroleum Engineering (Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University) 

E-mail: tural.ismayilov[at]

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