Music and Fine Arts

The Department of Music and Fine Arts of Khazar University is engaged in a broad range of activities in its role as one of the main educational/training structures of the university. The Department of Music and Fine Arts creates opportunities for all students to participate in various spheres of art and music regardless of their academic majors, and some of its subjects are included on the list of required subjects for university students.The department also creates an environment for students to learn about the heritage and history of Azerbaijani and world music through the programs that it provides. It coordinates exhibitions of professional and talented graphic artists, tours of foreign theater and concert groups, and meetings with respected artists. These continual activities have turned Khazar University into one of Baku’s richest cultural centers. Khazar’s song and dance ensemble has given performances in Europe, Turkey, Qatar and Georgia, and has won several competitions. The Khazar University ensemble performs Caucasus, Russian, Spanish, Arab, English, Italian, Persian, Turkish, Gypsy and other national songs and dances.According to the university policies, the department coordinates various courses for students to obtain high-quality professional training in music, dance, choir, and carpet making. At the same time, the department also continually offers specialized courses such as art history, world arts and culture, and Asian and European cultures. In addition, this department plays a foundational role in the development of Khazar University in the field of culture.For this reason the department created concert halls in both university campuses, including the famous “World” concert hall in the university’s downtown (Baku) campus. The department is involved in both education and research as well as maintaining relationships with other organizations to enrich the cultural life of the university, producing concerts and shows, and playing an important role in graduation ceremonies and other events.The department’s main goal is to organize training in fields related to national arts of Azerbaijan in order to create performance opportunities so students can develop their artistic and intellectual skills, musical knowledge, and understanding of arts such as music and carpet making. At the same time, the university auditoriums are used for events, rehearsals and concerts of other groups besides the university, making a contribution to the development and propagation of Azerbaijani and world cultures. The subjects offered by the department are carried out with the aim of promoting foundational Azerbaijani aesthetic values. Every student can choose a field in line with his or her preferences in order to more deeply learn national culture. For the duration of their studies at Khazar University, students can participate in music, dance, theater and other groups and at the same time can earn academic credits by taking classes from well-known specialists in mugham, folk music, classical music of Azerbaijan and the world, voice, choir, carpet making, jewelry making, and national costume design. The Department of Music and Fine Arts is also responsible for running several centers, including the Carpet Museum, the Jewelry Museum, and the National Costume Museum.

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