Library Collections

Khazar University holds the largest library collection among private universities and the largest collection in the English language in Azerbaijan. 

Khazar University Library Information Center collects printed and electronic materials in Azerbaijani, English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, German, French, Japan, Chinese and other modern European and Oriental languages in the fields of Business Studies, Economics and Management, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Education, Social Sciences, Political Science and International Relations, Legal Studies, Education, Language Studies, Arts, Philosophy, Literature, History, and Medical Sciences. An average 75% of the library materials are in English. Textbooks published all over the world, as well as publications of Khazar University Press are widely presented in the library. Khazar University LIC has an extensive reference collection, including monolingual and bilingual encyclopedias. Besides purchases, LIC collections have grown through donations and various grants, allowing development of target collection.

LIC has been continuing some projects related to the library collection development, including a long-term work with international library foundations and programs, such as Journal Donation Program, Science Journal Distribution Program, Sabre Foundation, American Chemical Society, Islamic Foundation, Corporate Body of Buddha Education Foundation in Taiwan, Japan Foundation Library Support Program, International Book Project, World Vision's Gift in Kind Program, Chinese Corner and others. 

LIC builds its collection of publications, share knowledge, and promote the exchange of scientific information is to establish publications exchange partnerships with The Library of Congress, UCLA and others.

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