Open Access Activities @ Khazar University

Khazar University Library and Information Center (LIC) has been participating in Open Access Week during last some years. The main our activities were presentations, publications, translations key OA documents from English into Azeri.

In 2011 year Translation the Berlin Declaration on Open Access from English into Azeri by Khazar University staff helped academic institutions, research funding agencies, libraries in Azerbaijan to more clearly understand the advantages of worldwide free and unrestricted open access to scientific research.

This year a special attention will be paid to series workshops  devoted  encouraging Khazar University academic community to publish their work according to the principles of the open access; developing Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences  and other university open access online-journals in order to maintain the standards of quality assurance and good scientific practice; developing open access Khazar University Institutional Repository (KUIR).

Khazar University academic staff publications are either to be deposited in the KUIR, or to be published in the Khazar open access journals. Meanwhile, the advantages of worldwide free and unrestricted access to scientific research are beyond controversy. For researchers, using open access maximises their research impact, increases their visibility and raises their reputation. Users are benefiting from open access as well: they can access relevant information on the Web worldwide at any time.

Discussions and presentations of the creation and establishment working models of Open Access journals and institutional repositories for the academic and library community will be held at the Khazar University Library and Information Center in October, 2012 during Open Access Week.

One of the presentations will be concentrate on the first annual international “Award for Open Access,” which supports scientists and publishers in developing nations in order to improve open access to research publications. We will provide information about three nominees receiving an honorary certificate for their contributions to open access, including the director of Khazar University’s Library and Information Center, Tatyana Zaytseva. It is the first award for Open Access in Azerbaijan.

We would like to thank all of those who got involved in Open Access Week 2012 build up. 

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