Service Statement

In this document we have set out what services LIC offers, and what users can expect to do. LIC staff believe you will get the best value out of our services if you are aware of what you need to do when you make use of LIC, and what context the services operate. The document should be read in conjunction with other basic service information, including the Statement on Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources, Access Policy, Circulation Policies, etc. 


We will

You are expected to

Learning environment




Allow access to students/staff able to produce a valid Khazar University ID card.

Produce a valid Khazar University students/staff ID card on request.

Equipment and furniture

Maintain furniture in safe and serviceable condition.
Check all computers on regular base.
Inform users of any equipment failures.

Treat furniture and equipment with care.
Recognize that you are responsible for any equipment borrowed and ensure that it kept secure.

Health and Safety

Ensure a safe working environment under the terms of existing Health and Safety legislation.
Provide security staff at designated times.
Ensure that fire exists are kept clear.
Ensure that study areas are cleaned and tidied daily.

Take responsibility for your own health and safety refrain from any actions that may endanger the health and safety of others.
Refrain from eating and drinking anywhere within the LIC.
Clear your study area when you leave. Return books or journals to the bag.

Study areas

Provide a variety of study areas for different groups of students, for example group study, silent study, etc.

Use various study areas appropriately.
Work without disturbing others.
Switch off mobile phone before entering the LIC.


Provide a self-service book on reserved on study courses.

Use books on reserved only in the Reading Halls.

Document supply

Provide an Inter Library Loans Services for items not held in the University.
Use ISBN for Inter Library Loan.

Provide full and accurate bibliographic details for requested items.

Help Desks

Assist users at issue desks/helpdesks as quickly, efficiently as possible without rudeness or aggression.

Communicate with LIC staff courteously and without rudeness or aggression.


Continue to develop and monitor system to facilitate wider availability of books and other learning materials.

Understand that it is not possible to purchase multiple copies of titles to satisfy the needs of every student.

Reference materials

Provide access to the Reference materials, such as encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, etc.

Use the reference books within the Reference Are only.


Stock titles appropriate to subject taught at the Periodical Hall and monitor use
Continue to develop and promote electronic access to journals.

Use journals within the Periodical Hall only.

CD-ROMs, audio-visual collections

Stock CD-ROMs, audio-visual materials appropriate to the subject taught at the Periodicals Hall.

Use these items according to the loan policy.

Electronic Information Service

Provide access to a variety of networked electronic sources and monitor use.

Attend the induction sessions and workshops offered and use the self-help guides and notices.

On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Help users to explore our collection information access advantages with OPAC:
-Searches for resources by title, author, subject, call number, series, keyword, category; Boolean terms AND, OR, and BUT, NOT.
-Check availability of resources
Provide users with online help in the OPAC
-Enable users to create bibliographies easily by computing, saving and printing titles into personalized bookbag; teachers and library staff can create bibliographies that support curriculum.

Attend the induction sessions workshops offered and use OPAC guide.

Khazar University Institutional Repository (KUIR)

Provide access to research outputs of Khazar Univerisy
Material for populating DSpace in the context of KhazarUniversity  potentially comes from a variety of both internal and external sources, including:
• learning materials by teaching departments, and by individuals;
• papers written by teaching and research staff;
• theses and dissertations;
• conference contributions (unpublished).

Attend the induction sessions workshops offered by LIC staff.


 Provide free online access to course material (mostly ppt and pdf files) from one academic discipline that includes course syllabus & presentations, assignments, and supplementary course material.

Attend the workshops offered by LIC staff.

Special electronic services (ISBN in Books Print services)

Build national bibliographic database of all (registered) Books in print
Build database of titles in stock
Manage ISBN publication database.

Use ISBN for bibliographic searches.

Special collections

Provide a range of special collections, such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.

Use special collections within Reference Hall only.

Research Services
 Citing & Writing/Style Manuals

Provide basic descriptive information about an article, book, web page, audio or video recording, or other information source.
Provide style manuals guide show you how to cite your sources consistently and what information to include when citing

Attend the workshops offered by LIC staff.


 Enable users to provide feedback on services. This may be through committees, for example Student’s Board, questionnaires, focus groups or any other means.

 Provide feedback on services through the available channels

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