History and Archaeology


The study of history aims to provide a solid education that addresses fundamental questions about the nature of humanity, society, the past, culture and the present. The Department of History and Archaeology has proven its high standards of scholarship and teaching.

The mission of the Department is to provide students with knowledge about the origins and development of peoples in the past, to develop their ability to conduct research, analyze evidence, and express conclusions. The Department's primary mission is to train students to research, analyze, synthesize, and communicate accurate conclusions about change over time by using the historical method.

Our particular scholarly mission is to preserve, advance, and communicate knowledge of humanity's past. This mission is reflected in the responsibilities of the History Department.

In 2010, a new History and Geography major was opened in the School of Education within the Department of History and Archaeology (BS, MS, and PhD). This program embraces issues and topics related to education, history and geography, as well as interconnections among the three. Internships are a necessary part of the program, and students are given an opportunity for a practicum and internship at “Dunya” High School or other schools. The Department takes seriously our responsibility to mentor students and to help them gain knowledge of history and the professional skills of historians and geographers.

The faculty focuses on its responsibility to teach critical thinking and communication skills at the same time as imparting knowledge necessary for students' personal and professional development.

In order to fulfill this mission, at all levels of our curriculum we emphasize discussion and engagement with both primary sources and the interpretations of various scholars. From our general education courses through advanced seminars, regular opportunities for small-group discussion are a prominent feature of almost all our courses.

The Department offers fundamental courses in the history of world civilizations, covering such issues as history of ancient and medieval human societies and history of Asian, European and American cultures, as well as courses in archaeology, ethnology, and anthropology, and minor problems in history. The Department also provides courses related to university requirements on the history of the Azerbaijani nation, including its evolution, culture and historical development, as well as relations of Azerbaijan with other Caucasian peoples and neighboring countries such as RussiaIranTurkey.

The Department improves the teaching process by using visual aids, historical maps, video materials and others. The Department’s specialized library is still being enriched by valuable historical material. Within the teaching process the Department arouses students’ interest and strives to constantly involve them in creative and independent work. Students make various presentations, write essays, and actively participate in scientific seminars and conferences held by the Department.

The Department also has strong links with the State Archives, various educational institutions and historical museums. Historical attractions in various regions of Azerbaijan are among the favorite places to visit for the university students and visiting scholars.

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