Maintenance Office

The commitments of Maintenance Office of Khazar University are as follows:

1. Being in charge for inventory and technical tools as it bears responsibility for material and technical resources.

2. Controlling performance of technical staff (cleaning, approval of schedule etc.);

3. Providing technical staff with necessary tools in order to enable them to fulfill their commitments;

4. Controlling the design of the building;

5. Taking care of greenery of the university;

6. Providing all the ceremonies with technical support;

7. Providing university staff with stationery and controlling its use;

8. Repairing damaged things under control of the department;

9. Warehouse management;

10. Reception and delivery of household goods of the dormitory;


Maleyka Huseynova

Office manager

Phone: (+994 12) 421 10 93 (265)

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