Information Systems Office

The main goal of Information Systems Department is to provide the development and application of Student Information System.

SIMS is a student information management system. The objective of the system is to provide on program meeting all the administrative needs of university without a need for any other software.

The system, which was designed especially for the Azerbaijani education system, saves all information related to each student - from their first registration to graduation – and makes it quick and easy to access when needed.

Current students can also track their own academic progress by accessing the system with their unique student codes.

The system can also automatically produce statistical reports. In addition to statistics, the system can also be used to design questionnaires to poll students about their opinions on various issues.

SIMS is currently being used in Khazar University. It is a high-level information system that meets all the university’s academic needs.


Rashad Xaligov

Head of Information Systems department

E-mail: khaligov[at]

Phone: (+994 12) 421 10 93 (269)

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