Success Stories

Tarlan Ganbarova

I am a second-year student of the master program in Clinical Psychology at Khazar University. Now I am working at the Modern Psychology Center. Last year I got a scholarship from Erasmus Mundus program as an exchange student. I lived in Poland for 10 months. It was a amazing and unforgettable experience for me. I am thankful to the Career Development Center coordinator, Ulvia Huseynli. She helped me in each step of the application process. I learned how to prepare an effective motivation letter and CV. Finally, I would like to say that you can do everything you want. Just take all of your dreams with you every moment of your life and work hard. 


Gunay Ismayilova

Volunteer, Azerbaijan Industrial Insurance company

I am Gunay Ismayilova, 2015 graduate of Khazar University’s Department of Psychology. Now I'm a second-year master student at Khazar University. I was a volunteer at the International Psychologists’ Conference which was organized by the Career Development Center of Khazar University. It helped me to improve my work experience. For this, I thank Ulviyya Huseynova. I think Khazar University helps students become smarter, more modern, to develop a bigger worldview and to network with great people.

I was introduced to Azersun Holding’s program at the Career Fair which was organized by the Career Center of Khazar University. I think Azersun Holding is an excellent opportunity for young people making their first steps toward a career. First I sent my CV to Azersun Holding and I was sure that they would invite me to an interview. Then they invited me to interview for Azersun Academy. After the first interview, they invited me to Azerbaijan Industrial Insurance for the next level. At the end of this level, I was invited to work at AII, in the Human Resources department. For me, the most important step in my career experience was in the Human Resources department at AII.

I want to thank Emil Agarzayev for sharing his knowledge and experience with me. Really, it was an excellent experience for me to start my career. My internship was 3 months, working full time 5 days a week.

I would also like to thank Hamlet İsaxanli, the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Jabir Khalilov, and my all teachers, especially Ulkar Isayeva and Malak Kerimova. I am very happy that I am a student at Khazar University. 

Finally, thank you, Khazar University. And good luck to all students with their careers.


Dinara Khujatova

BBA in Finance, Graduate. Job: Administrative Assistant at Caspian Investment and Development Corporation

As I approach the end of my bachelor education and consider my future goals, I feel strongly that being an alumna of Khazar University is an important step towards achieving my career goals. The job that Khazar Career Center offered at Caspian Investment and Development Corporation was a perfect for building up aptitudes and setting me up for an administrative part in an international company. CIDC’s approach helps me develop my basic skills and well-trained managerial instincts and in this way widen my comprehension to an international scale.

Within 4 years I have built a broad foundation of knowledge in areas including accounting, management, HRM, investment management and other business fields. During the BBA in Finance program at Khazar University, we had a lot of projects; it was particularly fulfilling. We have learned various approaches and deeper insights into management. Having a strong background from my bachelor degree, I’ve been accepted to the MBA program and will continue my education further.

Thank you, Khazar University!


Celal Huseynbeyli

Political Science.Internship: Bakcell’s “Smart Start” program

I was introduced to Bakcell’s “Smart Start” program at the Career Fair which was organized by the Career Center of Khazar University. Bakcell’s “Smart Start” program is an excellent opportunity for young persons making their first steps toward a career.

First I filled out an application form and I felt sure that I would be invited. After the first group interview I wasn’t sure that I would pass to the next level, because I thought that it was not a good interview for me, but among the 1500 requests, at the end of the third level I was invited to work at the “Corporate Sales” department in Bakcell’s Smart Start program. 

I made the first step on my career path. I can proudly say that it was an excellent experience. The duration of the internship is 2 months, with 5 full working days a week. During the two-month internship program, the participants got acquainted with the state-of-the-art business environment at Bakcell. I have obtained valuable knowledge and skills during the internship program, such as communication with big companies and business ethics. 

Bakcell provides the interns with a relevant stipend to cover their daily meal and travel expenses during this period. Upon completion of the internship program, all the participants are evaluated and granted certificates proving their participation in the project.


Shamil Ismayilov

Translator, Student, Job: "Hertel" company.

I'm a second-year student at Khazar University. My GPA was 81 last year.

I was a volunteer in the Baku2015 Games and was met with gratitude from BEGOC. The Career Development Center of Khazar University became my chance to get further work experience. First of all Ulviyya Huseynova taught me to make a proper CV, then she helped me to get into my first work experience. Words are not enough to convey my feelings of thanks to our university, the Career Development Center and especially to Ulviyya Huseynova. When I graduated from school I wanted to become a great translator.

I get 438 points for the SSAC exam. I knew that Khazar University is the most hardworking university in Azerbaijan. I heard that here people become smarter,

more modern and very well-rounded. Now I'm here and I'm getting ready for my life.

Thank you, Khazar University.


Khadija Ashurova

Psychology, Student, Job: "ParaBank" OJSC in the Human Resources department

I am Khadija Ashurova, alumni of Khazar University psychology faculty in 2015. Currently, I am getting job experience at "ParaBank" OJSC in the Human Resources department. I received my education in English, I got dean’s honor lists, IELTS certificate, honorary diploma with 88 GPA and the most important thing I got my first job experience in the Human Resources department at Khazar University. All of these things help me to obtain my work. I want to mention that the most valuable part of our university was Career Center. In the career center we learned how created effective CV, how attended in interviews, and also Career Center gave us the opportunity to share our CVs with famous companies. For all important things prepared by Ulviyya Huseynova. I want to present my sincere thanks to her.

Khazar University helps me to get the new worldview, to know many best people. First of all, when I entered university, I was a bad approach because it is a private university and therefore I was a little embarrassed, but after few months I understood that education of Khazar university best of all. Many teachers taught me which they had mastered, doctorate degrees various parts of the world. Therefore I suggest all students of Khazar university that never embarrassed...

At the end I want to present my own thanks to Hamlet Isakhanli, Ulkar Isayeva, dean of Humanities and Social Sciences department Jabir Khalilov and vice-dean Malak Kerimova. I thank teachers, for sharing their knowledge, experience with us. I am very happy, I graduated Khazar University.


Fidan Rustamova

Petroleum Engineering: designer and manager of NoObs team

I am a third-year student at Khazar University. During these years I have gained a lot of knowledge and made friends. The experience was and still is way more interesting and educating than I would have ever imagined. This year, in 2015, I got a chance to be a part of an exciting project by becoming the designer for the NoObs team. Although designing has little to do with petroleum engineering, it was an outlet for me to express my creativity.

NoObs is a team of students with common interests and worldviews who bring to life projects that aim to show the benefits of new technologies. Consisting of only 4 students from 2 universities, this ambitious team just started working together earlier this year but has already accomplished much.

Their journey started off with the challenge of creating an innovative product to present in an “Imagine Cup” competition held by Microsoft Company. Despite the limited couple of weeks that they had, after sleepless nights and lots of hard work, they met all the deadlines. The NoObs came up with the Spinal project which is about to be presented in the Imagine Cup World Final in July.

The team is currently working on many other exciting and techy projects, hoping to continue creating lots of valuable products.

I am very thrilled with what we’ve done so far and I know that this is just the beginning.

To all students out there I’d like to say: Work hard, it all pays off.


Tunzale Talibli

Psychology, Student, Job: Logos Child Speech Development Center

I am Tunzale Talibli, the fourth-year student at Khazar University. My major is psychology. I have chosen to focus on child psychology. In this specialty, it is important to have practical experience in communicating with children. For this reason, I brought my CV to the Career Center, which Khazar University created to help students begin their careers. After two months, Ulviyya Huseynova called me for an interview. Now I have been working as a trainee beside head psychologist Anara Bakshaliyeva at Logos Child Speech Development Center for three weeks. Thanks for all the help, Ulviyya Huseynova.


Aysel Guluyeva

Business Administration Student. Internship: FireWorks Human Resources Management

The biggest challenge for me after defining the goal of my life has become time management. As many of us know, there are too many interesting training, business forums, volunteer projects, internship programs, etc. We want to prosper everywhere and we usually encounter some difficulties in coping with our daily plan.

In my point of view, to prosper in life one should definitely know what he or she wants and after that how to gain it. The key elements for success are: thinking positively, not being afraid of possible failures, but drawing lessons from them, and prioritizing our tasks.

This strategy helped me to earn a place in several Dean’s Honor Lists. Furthermore, I took the second place in President Elections for the Student Union (“SU”), and automatically became the Vice-President on December 5, 2013. I have made lots of friends during this period. A few really interesting events have been organized by SU. Some examples are Flower Holiday play; Fundraising Bake Sale; Promotion of Education in the USA, where gifts were given to participants; Challenge Point Intellectual Game; Painting Exhibition, and so forth. In addition, within the last summer holidays, I passed all the stages of the Youth Business Leadership Project provided by Junior Achievement Azerbaijan and gained valuable job experience working as an intern in such an ambitious company as FireWorks HRM.

Taking the abovementioned into account, I want to thank our instructors for their contributions to our professional background and motivating us toward better performance, as well as the Career Center for their continuous help to students by providing training, career fairs, and recruitment.


Nargiz Ahmadova

Philology Student. Job: Manager’s Assistant, Khazar Film and Animation School

I entered Khazar University in 2012. During this period, I succeeded in many goals of mine. I used to take part in organizing many events even in my first year at the university. Furthermore, I put forth my nomination to be president of the Student Union of Khazar University. Consequently, I am currently the president of the SU. Beyond that, I applied to the Career Center of Khazar University and took the opportunities created by Ulviyya Huseynova, the chief officer of the Career Center. I worked as a teacher, which exactly met the terms of my major. However, I am a 'go-getter' student, and I see my future in different spheres. According to my management ability, I was offered a position at Khazar Film and Animation School as a manager. In a nutshell, I am very happy about my accomplishments and skills which I obtained at Khazar University.


Tarlan Qanbarova

Psychology Student. Job: Intern at Ministry of Emergency Situations

My name is Tarlan Qanbarova. My profession is psychology. I was a fourth-year student and I couldn’t find any internship programs for my profession. The Career Center helped me to find the best three-month internship program in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. I obtained a lot of experience in my field. I learned about the psychology of rescuers and victims in emergency situations. Everything was very interesting and unforgettable for me. I am thankful to the Career Center coordinator, Ulvia Huseynli. Good luck to all students with their careers.

Elnur Badalov

Finance, Student, Job: Intern, Damir Bank Open Joint-Stock Company

When I pursued my studies at Khazar University in 2012, I sensed there would be great opportunities waiting for me. As an ordinary high school student, I did not have detailed information on my dreams and my plans when I passed the entrance exam for the university. Indeed, there were bulky opportunities to take and to get progress, but the majority of students cannot realize and take them with me, at first. However, the main differentiated points to be a highly demanded employee are represented in some terms that we have in our university, indeed. Firstly, we have a great, non-stop working and tireless Career Development Center with its assertive chairperson Mrs. Ulviyya Huseynova. Moreover, we have a great audience, which consists of people who we can easily assemble, discuss and learn the ways of self-development. For me, as one of the leading student of Khazar University Economics and management faculty, the best way to make your dreams come true is studying hard. By this way, the ones will recognize the spark in your own, which makes you differ from the others. Moreover, we should realize our inherent qualities and step the future with being familiar with them. Then you will tell decently: “Make it happen! Where I was at first, and where I am now!” Eventually, I am in the Finance Department of Demir Bank currently as an intern, even if I am passing through the third course. I applied there for both the online application and the face-to-face contact in the job fair, which was held by Career Development Center at Khazar University. Consequently, I took an exam and successfully passed it. Furthermore, it was followed by an interview panel (+group interview), and the chairperson of Finance Department chose me and my other 4 counterparts for these internship positions… It was interesting that I heard we were chosen among 360 applicants when I started the internship! In walnut-shell, I accomplished my first goal – started my career by studying hard, by not giving up and making valuable friendships! Follow your dreams which are realizable and make them happen!


Nurana Guluzadeh

English Teaching, Student, Job: Assistant, Fireworks Azerbaijan

My name is Nurana Guluzadeh. I’m 18. I have been training for this event. I liked the FireWorks Company, and then I heard they needed an assistant. I applied there. I gave an interview. I was chosen by them along with the other girls and we were told that after 3 weeks they will choose the best of us. That job is to my liking.

Anar Abiyev

Computer Science Engineering, Student, Job: Instructor, AZNEXT

My name is Anar Ibayev. I am 23. I’ve been practicing with the network before Khazar University and I decided to devote on it in future. When I was offered to attend practice at Khazar University, I had no idea that I would be chosen by CISCO where I wanted to work so much. I was chosen by them with the other guys and we were told that after 3 months they will choose the best of us. I have known everything about an upcoming practice that’s why they saw potential in me and they were surprised that I can configure CISCO’s commands. They offered me a job of instructor. That job was to my liking. So, I agreed to work with them.


Samid Dibirov

OIL&GAS Engineering, Student, Job: Intern, AMEC

In order to be an experienced engineer, you should integrate your knowledge into practice. My friend and I joined this scholarship program for the opportunity to learn by experience. We really appreciate the AMEC Company for giving us this great chance.


Nasiba Taghiyeva

Volunteer Psychologist

Hello. My name is Nasiba Taghiyeva. My major is psychology. I want to speak about my success story. I am now working at the Modern Psychology Center. The Career Center helped me find this work opportunity. I want to thank Miss Ulviyya for her help.


Nilufar Agazadeh

English Translation, Student, Job: Translator, Headstart International

Thanks to Career Center that I found my dreams’ job. Headstart International gives me the opportunity to practice everything I learned at Khazar University. It is important to do the internship there. I hope it will help me to improve my language abilities. I will be a professional translator in Azerbaijan. It’s my first goal to become a specialist in my major. It is wonderful that in our university, students can be recruited for job opportunities related their fields. Thanks for everything. And now if you want to be useful for the future and want to form a great career, just believe and be active.


Nurlan Ismayilov

Economics, Student, Job: Accounting Specialist, Parabank

It is wonderful that in our university, students can be recruited for job opportunities related their fields. I am one of those students. I tried sending my CV many times, but I didn’t get any answers to my application, and the work that was offered wasn’t suitable for me. I began to follow Career Center Job Announcements and decided to send my resume to possible vacancies. Some other students and I applied for Parabank job opportunities. I passed the interview stage and examination successfully. As a result, I am currently performing an internship in the Accounting Department at Parabank. Try to believe in yourself!


Fatima Bayramova

English Translation, Student, Job: Translator, Baku Languages and Business School (BLBS) 

According to Smithsonian magazine, “behind every success story is an embarrassing first effort, a stumble, a setback or a radical change of direction…. When usually I see someone who’s very successful, I almost imagine that it was a foregone conclusion, that they’re a genius, and that they were destined for great things.” I also usually said that I could never take their place. I'm still a first-year student. But I like working very much. And that’s why I started to look for vacancies... I looked at every vacancy which I found and was suitable for me. I chose some of them and sent my CV. But none of them got back to me. I lost my hope and thought, “what should I do?”

Then I decided to improve my skills. I started to learn more than before, I changed my aims and I started to think positive things. After that, I understood that "few successful people were child prodigies, and prodigies don’t necessarily find success" (Smithsonian). I started to look for jobs again, but now I knew what I wanted. After one month they responded to me.Now I have a good job; I have opportunities for improving my skills and for a good future. I'm thankful to our career center for that. Of course, without them, I couldn’t have done that. They help me a lot. Thanks for everything.

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