Welcome to DESCnet webpage!

DESCnet stands for the Network for Developing European Studies in the Caucasus, which is a Jean Monnet Network designed with the aim to enhance the level of European Studies in the Caucasus region. The network consists of 9 partner universities from Europe and the wider Caucasus region and represents a novel approach towards promoting the idea of European Studies in the Caucasus.

DESCnet activities are divided into three areas: teaching (seasonal schools for BA and MA students); research enhancement (young researchers’ seminars for PhD students; AESC annual conventions and a working paper series); and outreach (AESC annual conventions and a working paper series). One of DESCnet’s main activities is the operation of “The Association of European Studies for the Caucasus” (AESC).

The network’s activities provide a unique opportunity not only for student mobility and exchange, but also for young teachers who engage in their subjects and provide tutoring on research related to European Studies. The project is aimed at training a new generation of advanced academics in cutting-edge teaching and research methodologies and enhancing the research capacities in the target countries in order to create opportunities for young researchers to publicly present and publish their research.

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