30.12.2015: Holiday Celebration at Khazar - (Photos)

26.12.2015 Potentional directors 3 (FOTO)

24.12.2015 2nd National Spaghetti Bridge Competition Held (FOTO)

24.12.2015 Potentional directors 3  (FOTO)

23.12.2015 SOCAR Meeting with Students(FOTO)

22.12.2015 Presentation on Formula 1 European Grand Prix Competition (FOTO)

22.12.2015 Round-table discussion on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea and simulation of the Final Meeting of the Working Group for development of the Convention(FOTO)

19.12.2015 Masterclass on Sociological Investigation for Youth (FOTO)

18.12.2015 First Robotics Competition at Khazar University(FOTO)

18.12.2015 Meeting with University of Pennsylvania’s Lara Fabian(FOTO)

17.12.2015 Meeting with Turkologist Akbar Najaf at Department of History and Archeology (FOTO)

17.12.2015 Erasmus (FOTO)

15.12.2015 European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) holds Monitoring at Khazar University (FOTO)

12.12.2015 Meeting with Film Director Nazim Rza Israfiloghlu(FOTO)

11.12.2015 Tempus PACT (FOTO)

10.12.2015 Finnish Ambassador Visits Khazar University (FOTO)

10.12.2015 Microsoft certificates of qualification and selection of ICT (FOTO)

09.12.2015 The graduation ceremony of the School of Project Management (FOTO)

09.12.2015 H.Isaxanli about the story Bilqames (FOTO)04.12.2015 Accessible education, accessible to future (FOTO)

04.12.2015 Karaoke party (FOTO)

03.12.2015 Robotic workshop (FOTO)

03.12.2015 International Day of Disabled Persons (FOTO)

02.12.2015 "Digital Solitions for Startup and Entrepreneurs" (FOTO)

02.12.2015 Information on BP. "What you will discover" (FOTO)

01.12.2015 Employee of the company StrikePlagiarism in Khazar (FOTO)

01.12.2015 Burcu Gultekin Ankara representative of the political center (FOTO)

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