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Eldar Shahgaldiyev

Brochure: “What is persona­lity?”, A questionnaire for conducting sociological surveys on moral and psychological climate of labor units”

Baku, 1990 (in Azeri);


“Teaching of English at the secondary schools - advanced teaching experience in Reading and Speaking”

Baku, Azerbaijan, 1990

“Content analyses of the notion of “moral psychological climate”, “Moral psychological climate of the labor units”

Baku, Ganjlik, 1991 (in Russian);


“About the content of the notion “moral-psychological climate”.

Magazine Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences “History, Philosophy, Law”, 1991, No 12.

Textbook for University Students: “Reading Topics and Discussions”

Baku, Khazar University Press, 2007 (in English)


Translation and edition of the book: “The Evening Stories”

Baku Shams, 2007 (in English);

Textbook for University students: “English for Special Purposes (ESP) for Petroleum Engineering”

Khazar Press, (under preparation).


“Theoretical and Practical Substantiations of the Role of Assessment in Improving Teacher Quality” 

“International Association for Educational Assessment, 33rd Annual Conference, 16-21 September 2007. Baku, 2007, p129

Assignments for students of Bioethics

Brochure for Medical University students, Baku, Azerbaijani Medical University Press, 2007

”On the traces of Fazlullah Naimi” (by professor Camal Mustafayev)


Translated from Azerbaijani into English, Khazar Xeber, May-June, 2008. # 250-252

Editor of the textbook for students of Medical University “A Human Anatomy” (in English) (by Professor E. Alakbarov)

Baku, 2009

Translation of Bibliography: Hamlet Isaxanli (Scholar, Founder, Poet) Bibliography

Khazar University Press Baku, 2010, 247 p.


Article: Globalization: some implications in the interpersonal relations of the organized community groups



World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, Baku, Azerbaijan, 7-9 Apri, 2011.International Conference of “Cultural Diversity and Philosophy Dialogue in the Contemporary World”

Article:  "Mead's Introspective 'Self' as a Process of Interaction of Object and Subject Relations and its Some  Implications in Evaluating of Moral-Psychological Climate of Organized Community Units"

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN PHILOSOPHY INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY, OPOLE UNIVERSITY POLAND, JUNE 20-24, 2011; http://aaev.uni.opole.pl/index.php/conferences/2011/texts

Article: “Globalization: some implications in the interpersonal relations of the organized community groups” .

Magazine Le-Debat (French), Livia, Beyrut


The new trends of global developments and Turkish world

15 September, 2009




Correlation of multicultural Labor Units and development of personality (Socio-philosophical analysis)   

Xəzər Xəbər 311 Oktyabr 2012