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Research Overview

Khazar University aims to be a world-class higher education institution, recognized for its excellence in education, innovation and research, as well as wide-ranging partnerships with stakeholders on national and international levels. It has a strong commitment to cutting-edge research in various subject areas, including the fields of alternative energy resources; economics of renewable energy and energy efficiency; environmental protection, exploration, production and reservoir engineering; biomedical engineering; molecular biology; regionalization in the Black Sea region; poetic translation; and educational administration.

The university also offers well-developed research degree programs in more than 20 majors ranging from Computer Science to Political Science and International Relations.

The university supports its research mission through advancement of basic and applied research, nurturing a collaborative research environment, establishing research laboratories, and offering an international PhD scholarship program.

Khazar University maintains an institutional repository, an online database of the research output of our academic staff. It ranked #1 in Azerbaijan in the 2015 Ranking Web of Repositories.


Research at Khazar University spans the following research fields:

Biological Sciences

  • The study of diagnosis and spread of the hereditary diseases in Azerbaijan
  • Study of the neutrophil myeloperoxidase during inflammatory processes of the specific and non-specific diseases
  • Research and development of the oxidative stress biomarkers detection methods
  • A comparative study of the students’ lifestyle and their mood change


Geography and Environment

  • Integrated urban water management in Greater Baku, Area
  • Flooding risk assessment
  • Climate changes shifts on surface water resources
  • Environmental effect of soil contamination


Economics and Management

  • Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling in Macroeconomics
  • Management of oil revenues and impact of oil revenues on economy
  • Fiscal policy and monetary policy in resource rich countries


Electronics and Telecommunications

  • Equipment and alternative energy sources with conversion of solar energy to electrical
  • Investigation of degradation performance and energy parameters of photovoltaic cells created from a hybrid polymer – silicon
  • Research and creation of autonomous systems using solar cells based on silicon in the LED (Light-emitting diode) lighting
  • Macroeconomics: monetary and fiscal policy analysis


History and Archaeology

  • Farming Cultures and Stone Industry in the South Caucasus
  • The Caucasus in Bronze Age Culture
  • Azerbaijan Foreign Policy and the History of Karabakh Conflict
  • Azerbaijan Military Art of War in Bronze Age


Petroleum Engineering

  • Petroleum system of the Mezo-Cenozoic sedimentary complex in the Kura Basin
  • Hydrodynamic modelling of the oil and gas-condensate fields
  • Analysis of effective prognosis modelling of compression coefficient of natural gases