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  • Create, analyze and interpret management information from survey data.
  • Collect data about the University’s performance.
  • Improve teaching and learning by assisting departments with program reviews and other assessment efforts.
  • provide the University administration with reliable and valid data, information, and analyses for the management, planning, and decision-making processes of the University.
  • develop and maintain University data files for historical, analytical, research, and projection activities and programs.
  • Coordinate the dissemination of institutional data


Main research fields 

•    Academic Profile

-     Degree Programs

-     Class

-      Student Admission

-     Faculty


•     Student Profile

-          Freshman Student Profile

-          Sophomore Student Profile

-          Junior Student Profile

-          Senior Student Profile


 •     Graduation Profile

-          Undergraduate

-          Graduate


 •     Assesment


 •      Employee Profile

-          Academic

-          Non-Academic


•      İnstitutional Data

-           Library Holdings

-          Technology İnformation