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Spaghetti Bridge Competition Participants (2014-05-07)

Here is a list of groups which resgistered for the contest:




Targut Qambarov

Tarana Nasibli

Eldar Mammadov

Zibeyda Razade

Fuad Mirzayev

Tarlan Fataliyev
Davud Husen-Zadeh

Farid Ismayilov

Samid Dibirov
Real Madrid Truss-X A

Anar Irzayev



Amin Lalani

Ali Ahsan

Mohammad Rehan Habib

Nariman Mustafayev

Rafig Mirzayev

Nader Hejazi


Elvin Ismayilov

Musfiq Murad


Iqbal Babali

Ilkin Mirzezade

Kamran Sultanov

Bagi Alizadeh

Eldar Memmadov

Amid Agayev


Tural Iskendarli

Envar Suleymanov

Kamran Ramizov

Xedica Memmadove

Medina Shiraliyev


Xedica Memmadove

Medina Shiraliyev



Also the new poster for this competition can be downloaded from here


Spaghetti Bridge Contest


Spaghetti Bridge Competition rules (2014-05-01)

The spaghetti bridge competition of Khazar University will be held on Friday, May 9. All the participants must read carefully rules and regulations of the contest. All the information can be found here.



Spaghetti Bridge Competition (2014-04-29)

The Civil Engineering Department of Khazar University has decided to hold annual spaghetti bridge competition.

These competitions provide students with an opportunity to put their engineering knowledge to practice. The participants are required to construct a small scale bridge by using spaghetti as building material, which will then be put to test.

The design, construction, and testing of bridges require knowledge about material properties, physics of trusses and characteristics of connections. Therefore students eager to participate in the upcoming competition are encouraged to take part in engineering mechanics classes, instructed by Mr. Taher Chegini, which are dedicated to the discussion of trusses.

These classes will be held on April 30 and May 1 at classroom no. 201 at the new building.

The poster can be download from here.