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26.02. 2014 - CISCO Laboratory Opens at Khazar University

A CISCO laboratory has begun operation at Khazar University Internet Institute. This laboratory provides opportunities for students to work freely and get international ICND1, ICND2, CCENT and CCNA certificates.

Students will be able to work with the following materials and equipment in the laboratory:

- Electronic materials (books, video textbooks); 
- CISCO Switch and Routers for testing; 
- In addition, HP 1U Server for administrator environment simulation; 
- Network cables; 
- Tools for wiring. 

Students who want to train for CISCO labs are eligible to apply to the Internet Institute (Neftchiler campus, old building, room 310) by the end of March.

- Student must be able to wire minimum network cables 

-Student will be tested in network cable wiring 

-Student should be able to work independently and have time to practice in the laboratory at least 2 times a week;

- A maximum of 5 students can train at the same time.

The preparatory phase, April 2014 - May 2014, includes:

- Network base; 
- Ethernet protocol; 
- Establishment of a relationship between local networks; 
- Global network technology; 
- Management of network installation  

  Khazar University Internet Institute

07.07.2013 - Conference on Web Technologies was held in Baku

web conference

On 6-7 July, a conference on web technologies was held by “UG-Group” of Georgian University and the educational portal of Azerbaijan, “Ilk Addımlar” (“First Steps”).

Official representatives of world-famous IT companies attended the conference. On the first day of the conference, which was held at Khazar University,Tamar Andghuladze and Rashad Aliyev welcomed participants on behalf of the organizers from Azerbaijan and Georgia.

web conference

R. Aliyev said that the main purpose of the conference was to help international and local experts pass on their own experience to young programmers and broaden the useful information exchange.

Then Konstantine Topuria (the University of Georgia) and Farda Asadov (Khazar University) made presentations.

According to the program of the conference, speakers including Teymur Hajiyev, Ioseb Dzmanashvilli, John Ruby, Tural Aliyev, Vusal Khalilov, and Ramin Orucov demonstrated their special presentations.

During the conference supported by Nokia, Mobitel, Microsoft, Huawei, ITDC, and Khazar University, an exhibition was organized to present products and services to the participants.

web conference

On the second day of the event, Ceyhun İmanov (jis.az), Konstantine Karosanidze (ITDC), Ioseb Dzmanashvili (AzRy), Tornike Razmadze and Guro Khundadze (ITDC), and John Ruby (Cytech Services) made special presentations. A videoconference took place with representative of "Yandex," Charles McCathieNevile, via Skype.

At the end of the event, a lottery game was played among the participants. 3 participants won phones, including Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 720.

The participant  who was most active and asked interesting questions during the event, Ioseb Dzmanashvili, won a Huawei Mediapad 10 Link 3G tablet.

The main objectives of the conference was to establish new relationships, to improve the quality of work of local experts, to draw attention to active participants in the Caucasus region in the field of web development, and to ensure integration of Azerbaijan into the world in the field of ICT.



07.07.2013 - Memorandum Signed Between Universities

web conference

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between Khazar University and the  University of Georgia at the end of the conference on web technologies held in  Baku on 6-7 July.

The memorandum was signed by Konstantine Topuria (University of Georgia)  and Mohammed Nuriyev (Khazar University).

The signed document reflected issues such as exchanges of students and  instructors between universities, academic cooperation and increasing mutual  cultural relations.

Thus, the memorandum provides for mutual lectures, conducting of joint research in the areas of mutual interest on relevant issues in science, and sharing experience in the structure of higher education.

Furthermore, the parties will cooperate via exchange of instructors, graduate students and undergraduate students in internship and professional development, exchange of scientific articles, teaching materials, curriculum and programs, literature, and organization of exhibitions demonstrating the achievements of both sides and on other issues.


31.05.2013-Presentation of Websites Prepared by Students


web conference

On May 31, students of the Schools of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Education of Khazar University presented their own websites covering a variety of topics that they designed as part of the "Web Design and Development" course which was taught by Rashad Aliyev, Director of Khazar University Internet Institute.

web conference

The presentation covered 25 sites  made ​​by 32 students. The founder of Khazar University and chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, and head of the Department of Computer Science, Leyla Muradkhanli, participated in the presentation as a jury and expressed their opinions.


At the end of the presentation, the 3 most popular sites, including Valeh Hajiyev’s GoldenPay module written for Prestashop CMS for the development of e-commerce, Samir Amanov’s Education portal, and Oksana Vikhlyanseva’s Fashion-themed site, were selected.

 The "Caspian Mobile" company gave promotional gifts to the founders of the selected sites, and free hosting and domains were given to the other students.


01.05.2013 - Programming course at Khazar University

Every Saturday at 17:00  a C + + programming language course is held at the Khazar University Downtown campus (122 Bashir Safaroglu Street) for free. The course is organized by the “First Steps" project and Khazar Internet Institute.

About 40 students from Odlar Yurdu University, the National Aviation Academy,  Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Khazar University, Baku State University, BMS  and other educational institutions attend the course. Training will continue until the end of May.

All lessons are filmed and posted on ilkaddimlar.com.