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18 June 2015

UK Researcher Visits Khazar

On June 17-18, Dr. SA Behruz Khaghani, researcher of the Department of Medical and Healthcare Technology Cell and Tissue Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, University of Bradford, visited Khazar University along with Associate Professor Gunay Akbarova, instructor for the Khazar University Biology Department within the School of Education, and gave a lecture to students as part of the “Small Grant for Co-operation Development between UK and Azerbaijan Higher Institutions,” British Council’s project grant.

Other faculty and administrators participating in the lecture included Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, the founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees; Dr. Hasan Niknafs, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Dr. Elza Semedli, Dean of the School of Education; Dr. Nuru Safarov, head of the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering; Dr. Irada Khalilova, head of the Biology Department; and instructors of the department Dr. Seadet Khudaverdiyeva and Dr. Mushfig Orujov. Dr. Akbarova introduced the project and spoke about the research she carried out when she was at Bradford University. Then Dr. SA Behruz Khaghani gave a lecture on the following topics:

1.   Introduction to Biomaterials,

2.   Introduction to Medical device design,

3.   Introduction to Cell and tissue engineering.

Dr. Khaghani also showed biomaterials for use in medicine that he had brought from the UK. The lecture ended with a question-and-answer period. Then a discussion was held about future partnership. 



30 April 2015

Международный научный медицинский центр имени академика Зарифы Алиевой и Азербайджанский университет «Хазар» намерены сотрудничать в области науки и образования

В Киеве 30 апреля 2015 года на совместном заседании Правления и Координационного совета организации «Международный Научный Медицинский Центр имени академика Зарифы Алиевой» единогласно принято решение о намерении установления прямых контактов с Азербайджанским университетом «Хазар». Планируется поездка официальной делегации Центра в Баку для обсуждения и подписания меморандума о взаимопонимании и сотрудничества с университетом «Хазар» в области науки и образования.



21 April 2015

Students Visit Diagnostic Laboratory of Saghlam Aile Clinic

On April 21, 2015, students majoring in Biomedical Engineering within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences took a field trip to the diagnostic laboratory of the Saghlam Aile Medical Clinic. Dr. Saadet Khudaverdiyeva and other employees of the laboratory demonstrated modern microscopy, PCR, immunoferment analysis, immunofluorescence and other medical diagnostic techniques and tools to the future biomedical engineers. The students were told about the great need for highly qualified specialists who continually increase their knowledge in the field to operate current and future medical equipment.

Laboratory employees answered students’ questions. Second-year students Emil Ismayilov, Asiman Teymurlu, Ayten Niftelizade, and Ismayil Abbasov said that the visit to the medical center further increased their interest in their chosen field. 


07 April 2015

Student Field Trip to Medical Center’s Diagnostic Laboratory

On April 7, 2015, a group of students from the School of Education went on a field trip to the diagnostic laboratory of the “Saghlam Aile” Medical Center, where Dr. Irada Khalilova, the Khazar University Biology Department Head, and employees of the medical center laboratory spoke to them about scientific research and clinical diagnostic methods used in the lab as well as equipment and its rules for use. Laboratory workers taught the students the rules for encoding and testing biomaterials, and they demonstrated procedures such as biochemical analysis, coagulation, microscopy, immunoferment analysis, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). They answered students’ questions. 


27 February 2015

Event for International Civil Defense Day (March 1st)

On February 27th, an event was held at Khazar University to observe International Civil Defense Day (March 1st). The event was organized by the Department of Biological Sciences. It involved the participation of faulty members and students.

The event was opened by Dr. Irada Khalilova, Head of the Department of Biological Sciences, who made a speech about the importance of safety in human life. Miragha Baghirov, university student, made a presentation entitled “The Organization of Civil Defense and Preparation of the Population for Civil Defense.” Then, Vladimir Kuvshinov's  (Secretary General of the Global Civil Defense Organization) report was presented to the participants.

The event included a discussion about the significance of civil defense, related duties, and how to prepare for emergencies. Brochures about first aid were distributed to each participant. In addition, participants had a chance to practice artificial respiration on a dummy, to learn first aid for wounds and to learn the rules of CPR.


17 December 2014

62nd Meeting of Assembly of Science and Art

On December 17, a meeting of the Assembly of Science and Art was held at Khazar University’s downtown campus. Prof. Hamlet Isaxanli, Founder of Khazar and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, opened the assembly and greeted the guests. He spoke briefly about the history of the Assembly and noted that he had personally invited the current meeting’s guest lecturer from Georgia. Then he gave the floor to Academic Giorgi Kvesitadze, President of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, for his lecture.

G. Kvesitadze spoke on the topic of “Ecological Unity of the South Caucasus.” The lecture sparked a variety of discussions, in which the following scholars actively participated: Hamlet Isaxanli, Farda Asadov, Ingilab Ahmadov, Irada Khalilova, Rova Arazova, Rovshen Abbasov, and Seymur Rzayev from Khazar University; Panah Muradov, corresponding member of ANAS; Gahraman Yusifov of the Tourism Institute; Rza Mahmudov of the Ministry of Ecology; and others. At the end of the event, group photos were taken. The executive secretary of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Irakli Jordaniya, also participated in the event.

The Assembly was covered by Azerbaijan Television and Public Television. 


16 December 2014

TransTech Capital Representatives at Khazar

On December 16th, the following representatives of TransTech Capital (TTC) of the UK visited Khazar University: Simon Robeson, General Partner; David Livesley, General Partner; Richard Henderson, Managing Partner; and Mahmut Sinoplu, Venture Partner. Azer Bayramov, Deputy Executive Director of the State Fund for Development of Information Technologies under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, also attended the meeting. TTC deals with financial support of university research and commercialization of research outcomes in the UK and Turkey, and is currently interested in developing similar opportunities in universities of Azerbaijan.

The guests met with Prof. Hamlet Isaxanli, Founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees; Dr. Hasan Niknafs, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Taher Chegini, Director of the Civil Engineering Laboratory; Associate Professor Gasham Zeynalov, Chair of the Petroleum Engineering Department; Rashad Khaligov, Information Systems Developer and Manager; Ulker Isayeva, Human Resources Director; Irada Khalilova, Chair of the Biology Department; and Jestin Mandumpal, instructor of the Chemistry Department. At the meeting, H.Isaxanli made a speech about Khazar University’s activities and future prospects. Then Khazar researchers I.Khalilova, U.Isayeva, H.Niknafs, J.Mandumpal, and R.Khaligov made presentations about their own research projects and outcomes. The meeting closed with a discussion about possible partnership opportunities between TTC and Khazar University.


12 November 2014

Turkish Professor visits Khazar within Mevlana Exchange Program

On November 12, the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Khazar University has welcomed its first guest lecturer within the scope of the Mevlana Exchange Programme. The program facilitates the exchange of students and academic staff members between Turkish higher education institutions and their foreign partners. The Department will host Prof. Nurşin Ateşoğlu Güney, Head of the Political Science and International Relations Department at Yildiz Technical University. Prof. Güney will lecture on oil and politics for three weeks. She has published in the fields of security studies, Middle East, American foreign and security policy, the European Union, NATO and Turkey, energy security, arms control and disarmament.


13 June 2014

Farewell Party event for Fulbright Scholar Professor Robert Jecklin

Farewell party event regarding the completion of Fulbright Scholarship term by Professor Robert Jecklin from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse was organized in Carpet Hall of Khazar University. Event started by opening speech of Professor Farda Asadov, Vice President for International Relations who expressed kind and sincere thoughts about Prof. Robert Jecklin.

During the event Head of Biological Sciences Department Dr. Mushfig Orujov, Head of Psychology Department Dr. Ulker Isayeva, Khazar University President Assistant Martha Lawry and Biological Sciences Department teacher Rustam Asgarov gave speech about Robert Jecklin’s academic activity, research work and additional tasks along with benefitting from his knowledge and experience during the scholarship period. They pointed out that Robert Jecklin is experienced specialist, owns great knowledge and also he has affectionate and sincere character as a friend.

Professor Mahammad Nuriev, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Elza Semedova, Dean of Scholl of Education, Dr. Jabir Khalilov, Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, other professor faculty members and staff and students also participated in the event.

Afterwards Prof. Robert Jecklin in his speech stated his gratification and appreciation to Khazar University for the academic period as a scholar. He expressed deep gratefulness to Khazar University members, collective and each and every individual for their at all times support and care.

The Farewell Party event was finalized by tea feast and musical program.


02 June, 2014

Biology Education Curriculum Discussion

Department of Biological Sciences, Khazar University meeting was held on 02 June, 2014. Department Chair Dr. Mushfig Orujov, teachers Dr. Gunay Akbarova and Rustam Asgarov and Prof. Dr. Robert Jecklin of Department of Health Education and Health Promotion from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse met to discuss and plan Establishing Curriculum and Approval for bachelor’s degree students majoring in Biology Education program. Through discussions, exchange of opinions and views and consideration of educational experience and practice of national and foreign universities Curriculum for the program was outlined, drafted and sent to Dean of Faculty of Education for approval.   



On 30.03-05.04.2014 Mushfig Orujov, Head of Department of Biological Sciences of Khazar University participated in the Salzburg Cleveland Medical Seminar in Pathology organized by the American Austrian Foundation. The medical seminar was in the Salzburg, Austria. In the seminar are participated 30 pathologists from 25 European and Asian countries. The lectures in the seminar were followed by the Professors from the Department of Anatomic Pathology of the Cleveland Clinic and the Clinical Institute of Pathology of the Vienna Medical University. The case presentations of the participants have been listened in the seminar, too. The case presentation of Dr. M. Orujov assessed as the excellent presentation and he was rewarded with a certificate and a book.



Professor Robert Jecklin from Department of Health Education and Health Promotion at University of Wisconsin La Crosse, USA started an appointment in our department as a Fullbright Teaching Scholar in Public Global Health 2013/2014 Spring term. Professor R. Jecklin teaches “Public Health for the Educated Citizen” for students studying to be English Teachers, and “Theories of Health Behavior” for fourth year students in Psychology. Additionally, he gives lectures in his field of expertise to faculty members and students at Azerbaijan Medical University. We are very honored and pleased to have him at our Department. Professor Jecklin thanks the Khazar University community for kind and enthusiastic welcome.



On October 24-25, 2013 Mushfig Orujov, Head of Department of Biological Sciences of Khazar University, participated in an Info Day on Erasmus+ for Eastern Partnership countries hosted by Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. This event was organized by the European Commission to introduce new opportunities of the Erasmus+ program for education, training, sports and youth which will be launched in January 2014. The Erasmus+ program will provide more opportunities for students and staff in Eastern Partnership countries to study or train in Europe. The Info Day brought together around 130 representatives of universities, Ministries of Education, and student associations from EU member states and six countries of the Eastern Partnership: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine. The event lasted for two days. On the first day, the guests were introduced to Lithuanian higher education and invited to a reception. The second day was for sessions. Three workshops were held on capacity building, credit mobility and degree mobility, during which the representatives of the EC introduced new elements and principles of Erasmus+. During the visit, Mushfig Orujov met with the President of Lithuanian Medical Association and the Ambassador of Azerbaijan Republic in Vilnius.
















27 March, 2013

Invited Lecturer from Turkey

Professor Dr. Yusuf Ozkul, Director of the Genome and Stem Cell Center (GenKok) of Erciyes University (Turkey), delivered a lecture on the topic "Genetics: Past, Present and Future" for students majoring in Chemistry-Biology Education. In the lecture were participated the Staff of Department, al as well as the other invited University students and professional clinicians.