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Student Newspaper “KHAZAR COURIER”

Beginning from December 2012, student newspaper is being published at Khazar University by the name “ Khazar Courier.” The newspaper is being published in English language by the English Language and Literature Department. The  basis of the newspaper composes students’ articles, interviews and literary works. ‘Khazar Courier” was founded with the aim to improve students’ writing and speaking skills in English, to increase the amount of the student readers in English.

The newspaper is publishing colorful in A3 format of 4 pages. Moreover, the length and format of the newspaper will possibly change and improve in the future. The editor of the newspaper is  Jamala Mammadova, Major Program Coordinator at the English Language and Literature Department, and Editorial Assistant is Jabir Mammadli, Coordinator of the Journalistic Department at Khazar University. The newspaper was realized and published first by the idea of Joel Robbins.


Contact: Editor:   Jamala Mammadova

E-mail: Jmammadova@khazar.org 


 Tel: (+99412) 421 79 16

 Fax:(+99412) 498 93 79 


Contact: Editorial Assistant: Jabir Mammadli

E-mail:  ja1az@yahoo.com



Telefon:    (+99450) 526 55 68 (mobile)

               (+99412) 421 7916

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