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Most recent scientific  publications of Safarov N.A.:


  1. Conductivity photoquenching effect in polymer–ferrocene composites. Semiconductors, ISSN: 1063-7826, Vol: 45, Issue: 4, Date: 2011-04-01, Start page: 503, # of pages: 7
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  3. Controlling system for emotional state of working personnel. 7th international conference on TPE (ICTPE-2011), Lefkosa, TR Northern Cyprus, 7-9 July, p.553-555.  2011
  4. Automated system for control and correction functional state of human. 5th international conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies, 12-14October 2011, Baku, Azerbaijan, 208-210
  5. Correlation of the optical properties with ε(T)- dependence at ferroelectric phase transition in TlInS2 doped with different impurities. 17th International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds 27-30September, 2010, Baku, p.63
  6. A new avalanche photodiode with wide linearity range. J. Physics NAS, vol. XVI,Number 2, pp.367-369, 2010
  7. Effect of electrical photo guenchinq in polymer – ferrocene. J. Physics NAS, vol. XVI,Number 2, pp.378-380, 2010
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  10. Method for increasing conversion efficiency of solar energy into electric power and a device for carrying out said method.Patent. WO/2009/105840
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  14. Hybrid organic – silicon nano-composite devises and risk assessment of  nanobiotechnologies. Abstracts Book. NATO  ARW 2008, Environmental and Biological Risks of Nanobiotechnology, Nanobionics and Hybrid Organic-Silicon Nanodevices (Silicon vs Carbon), Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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  27. Measurement heat stream in mere by the matrix sensor. Proc. US/EU –Baltic International Symposium “Integrated ocean observation systems for managing global and regional ecosystems using marine research, monitoring and technologies” 2006,4F, #147, May 23-24, Klaipeda, Lithuania
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  30. Devices self-steering of electrical circuit. Patent. I 2005 0059, № а20030081, 25. 04. 2005
  31. Effect of temperature processing on generative time of life of the bearers in detectors of nuclear particles on the basis of high-ohmic  silicon,  Inter. Conf. “Fizika-2005”,  7-9 June 2005 – Baku, Azerbaijan,  p. 827-829
  32. A new  low-noise avalanche photodiode with micro-pixel structure, Fizika,  №4,  2004, p.126-127             
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