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The department along with the academic program at the same time created the conditions for students to do scientific research work independently. For this purpose, applied and research laboratories were established at the department. Currently research is being carried out at the department in these areas:

 • alternative energy sources and equipment converting solar energy to electric power

 • new bioengineering equipment, design and study of biologically active points

The results of research work at the department in 2012 were presented at the two scientific articles:

  1. Study of the recovery time of the micro-pixel avalanche photodiodes.  Fizika 2012, c.XVIII, N1, p.10-12
  2. Исследование влияния альфа частиц с энергией 4,8Mэв на физические свойства микропиксельных лавинных фотодиодов. Elmi mecmueler 2012. C.14, N1, c.12-14

Solar Car