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There are many student organizations and clubs functioning at Khazar and representing various interests.

In order to start their functioning and ask for support, student organizations submit their regulations to the review of the University Council and the Council registers them.

The Graduate Students Council (GSC) is the main student body of the Master, Ph.D. and Professional degree students of Khazar University. In addition to various duties, this body is responsible for the selection of graduate students as representatives in the University Council, School Council and The Committee of Graduate Studies.

Moreover, there are student associations of various countries and clubs of various interests. There are a number of interest clubs and groups, such as: CLIO for students interested in different aspects of history, Humor Club, Dancing Club, Foreign Languages Studies Club as well as others.

Some of the student organizations are volunteer organizations that provide assistance to various groups of people, such as elderly or disabled people.

Khazar University is eager to promote special professional interests of the students through activities of the clubs and profession-oriented student organizations. For example, Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and other profession-oriented student organizations are successfully operating at the University.

 The Student Union

The Student Union (SU) is the main student organization of Khazar University; it is an elected body governed in accordance with its own regulations by the Student Senate composed of the SU President, Vice-President and Committee leaders. SU has following Committees:

Education Committee:

  • assists students overcome problems arising in their studies
  • organizes meetings between the students, faculty and staff members
  • organizes interest clubs
  • assists faculty evaluation procedures (Student Poll) conducted jointly with the Academic Quality Assurance Center

Culture Committee:

  • disseminates Azeri culture among local and international students and provides information about the culture of other nations
  • supports concerts and performances of the University dance and song ensembles

Sports Committee:

  • organizes local championships and tournaments
  • encourages University students to participate in sports

Law Committee:

  • prepares and looks after SU official documents
  • prevents violation of University student rights

Student Editorial Committee:

  • prepares various articles for the University magazine “Khazar View” and other chronicles
  • publishes information on the most interesting events at the University

Communications and Information

  • provides the Khazar community with the University news

Public Relations Committee:

  • disseminates information about Khazar University and the Student Union
  • establishes relations with secondary schools and partner Universities
  • collaborates with international companies and organizations

Grant Research Committee:

  • To make new projects and establishes relations with ministries, NGOs , student organizations , international foundations etc.

Alumni Relations Committee:

  • Bulids relations with Alumni Office and Alumni Association to follow alumni successand to support their connection with the university.

International Stidents Committee:

  • Assists foreign students in integrating into university life and social life during their studies at Khazar University.

Debate club:

Organizes trainings and  debate tournaments.